Hey, I’m Sara!

I was inspired to help female entrepreneurs due to my own experience starting my business in 2008 when I left my corporate job. I had a big passion for helping other women truly feel alive and fulfilled in life and wanted to share with them how I was able to do that, and that they could too—and how. I started coaching clients and helping them launch their lives too!

It’s my passion and purpose through Fab Fempreneurs to support you to experience filling BOTH your dreams AND your pockets, while making the biggest, positive IMPACT on the world.

I'd been a business owner for nearly a decade when I met Sara, during most of which I felt "stuck".

I was feeling really frustrated and burned out. Through Sara’s coaching program and Fab Fempreneur Fest, I have had incredible business breakthroughs! She helped me transform my business in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. I now have more time, energy, and resources to keep creating the business and lifestyle I want.

Sara helped me analyze what tasks I could delegate to free me up. She helped me develop systems to streamline my sales process and business operations. She also helped me get clear about what kind of client I find most enjoyable and profitable.

With those tools and more, our sales increased by 150%! Perhaps more importantly, I am now working on the calibre of projects I want with clients I enjoy, and I have more free time to have a fulfilling life outside of work.

– Lexine Schroeder, Owner, Botanika Interior Plantscapes

When I met Sara, I had a lot of thought leadership, assets, and was well-known in my field, but I just couldn’t convert it into business.

Sara got where I was coming from and changed everything for me: giving me clarity on what I offer, how I do it, and who my ideal client is. She was able to take everything I was doing cut through the clutter so I could more easily connect that with my future clients. She helped shift my mindset to “how can I help?” rather than focusing on what I don’t have- from that scarcity mindset to abundance and giving. Within one month of working with Sara I secured a $5,000 speaking gig and those people became my clients, including a $30,000 contract. I now have an audio book published, a successful business, all kinds of clients I never thought I would have, and just had my highest revenue month to date of $60,000.

– Tamsin Woolley-Barker, TEEM Innovation Group 

I was at the point in my business where there were so many things changing all at once.

I set up a VIP day with Sara and she brought clarity around what I needed to do next and how much I am worth.

Sara guided me through a fun and easy process to discover who my new ideal clients are (they recently changed!) and give myself a raise by increasing my prices. Within 2 weeks, I closed my first client at my new rates! Before the session, I felt unsure with myself as a businesswoman. I thought something was wrong with me and the systems I had established. In reality, I was on the verge of leveling-up myself and my company. Sara helped me see that. She provides you with the outside perspective you need to get out of your head and out of your own way. She’s honest with you, and while being objective, she makes it fun and personable.

Imagine walking into a long corridor with all these closed doors. After a 4-hour session with Sara, it’s as if all these doors have swung open and all these opportunities are waiting for me!!

– Jess Cruz-Abalos, J Cruz Designs

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