What if connecting with your ideal clients and closing more sales felt much easier and enjoyable?

Meet Julia Andrews.

Julia got her start in sales when she was a young teenager selling knives door-to-door, getting many doors shut in her face. She was also brand new to the English language, learning as she struggled through the conversations with families.

She went on to work with Merrill Lynch and within less than 7 years, surpassed an impressive sales record of $215 million in sales.

She now supports entrepreneurs and business owners to transform their sales experiences and results through her proprietary Connect2Close method.

In the video below she does away with the belief that you suck at sales- because you don’t! We discuss her method, pitfalls women make in the sales process and conversation, and action steps you can take right away to change your sales game!

Watch the video below

You can meet Julia in person September 27-28th 2019 in Carlsbad! She is one of our Event Partner Sponsors and Speakers at Fab Fempreneur Fest 2019. Learn more about the event and register here.

Learn more about Julia and her services here.