reach your goalsOkay, full disclosure. It’s super easy for me to get a little panicky come September if I am far from any of my goals.
I may even feel a sudden surge of anxiety and self-induced stress to “make it happen!” With the fall and winter holidays stacked so close together the pressure to reach sales goals can really creep in. I know I’m not alone on this! So I wanted to offer this article as platform for ideas, discussion, and support for you and your business.

First, breathe! Much of the anxiety is stirred up inside of you and coming most likely from a place of fear. It could be fear that you’re behind, fear that you won’t have the resources you need, or fear that you won’t be “successful” in general. Whatever the case, the first step is to acknowledge what you’re feeling and why- and to breathe. Then understand you have the choice of whether you enjoy these 4 months or are completely a stress case- not only about your business, but add all the other typical stressors around the holidays. Not sure about you, but I choose the first option. I’m going to embrace these next 4 months and make the most of them. “Okay, Sara”, you say, “but how?”

Now that you’re present in this discussion and open to thinking about what to do about your concerns, let’s look at three ways you can address your desire to make the most of the last 4 months of the year and still love your life!

1. Look back at your vision for your business this year.

Every year I develop a vision for success in my business that embodies all that I want to accomplish, contribute and experience. This is the essential underpinning that most entrepreneurs totally overlook. If you don’t have a vision that describes your unique definition of success you’re missing a key piece of your business fulfillment and financial success picture. This is so important that I’ve made it the first step in the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program.

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If you have a vision, look at it and appreciate every single step or way through which you have fulfilled your vision; and, acknowledge and celebrate progress. Then consider what element of your vision is 1- in need of more attention and 2- core to you feeling most fulfilled and successful. Think about what progress in that area looks like in a next step. Experience the progress and satisfaction that comes from that very intentional action!

2. Revisit your fabulous, ambitious goals.

Whether you’re new or established in business you’ve got to have goals. Goals are how you choose to materialize your vision. It’s hard to know if you’re making progress if you don’t know exactly what you’re working to accomplish. So, look back at those goals you’ve been working so hard to reach all year. What have you accomplished? What goals remain unreached?

Take an honest look at your goals and assess whether there are any unmet goals that really need revising (e.g. the focus of the goal, due date) or if any goals are no longer relevant. When you set your goals for the year you didn’t know everything that would unfold over the months, and sometimes new opportunities, circumstances, outcomes or information can trigger the need to “refresh” your goals. Take a few minutes to make those goals work for you, not just look pretty on a piece of paper.

Establishing a PLAN with meaningful, relevant goals is #2 of 7 essential building blocks of a successful business in the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program. So, don’t be afraid to throw out a goal if it’s no longer relevant, or push a goal to next year if you decide to shift priorities. Yes, you heard that right! You’re not a failure if you realize that a goal just doesn’t make sense anymore. You’ll be much more successful, happy and fulfilled if you’re working hard toward goals that you are excited about, and that are clearly connected to getting the results you want. You’re in charge of your goals, not the other way around. Make sure they are not baggage weighing you down on your journey.

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3. Simplify and focus.

With a refreshed injection of inspiration from your Vision and a “decluttered” and updated list of goals, you’re now ready to simplify and focus:

  • Simplify by getting that updated list of goals in front of you, and filing away the previous one; work from your new list of goals with the updated action steps you’re going to take over the remaining weeks.
  • Focus by weeding out anything in your business schedule, your to-do list, or on your radar that isn’t supporting you to reach these remaining goals. It can be tough, as there may be people you have to put off to a later date, but you’ve got to be a Fab Fempreneur in charge of your business! How? Intensify your focus by being fierce with your time and the activities you prioritize.

You can do it! I encourage you to start implementing these as soon as possible to get the most of these final 4 months and feel great about your life and business come the end of the year!

Remember, reach out to your network, or “Hub” for ideas and assistance. If you’ve been considering coaching or participating a business building program, or specifically want guidance in the areas above, please reach out to me and set up a coaching consultation.