know your why

Have you ever heard that you need to have a “why” for being in business? Either way, your reasons for starting your business are likely related to your why. So, even if you haven’t really thought of your why for your business, you most likely have some ideas.

Having a clear why for your business means knowing the reasons you started and continue to grow your business. It’s being clear on what drives you to work so hard, stretch your creative limits and push yourself out of your comfort zone to make your goals happen. There’s something greater than yourself that you are building, striving for and creating. And, it’s much more than money to pay the bills (although that’s an ongoing reality). You’re inspired and interested in something– in accomplishing, contributing and or experiencing something beyond a typical response to the over asked question, “So, what do you do?”

When you know your why it will have a greater impact on your business outcomes and your sense of fulfillment than you might realize. In fact, being disconnected from your WHY while trying to grow your business influences whether your business is currently booming or just blah. If you’re only focused on what you’re doing (e.g. creating websites, organizing closets, designing jewelry) and the tasks required to complete those things, you’ll probably get a lot accomplished. However, it’s more likely that you’ll burn out faster, feel less fulfilled, and find it more difficult to find your ideal clients. When you feel burned out, unfulfilled, and frustrated from lackluster clients many things can happen: your productivity decreases, you struggle to make money, you get stressed out, you are not pleasant to be around, and you don’t enjoy life as much…you get the idea. Imagine having a deep, meaningful reason for pushing yourself so hard to grow your business and keep going even on those tough days. Your why matters if you want to grow and develop a successful business- one that’s successful to YOU.

So, why spend another day without a clear why for your business, possibly striving for someone else’s definition of success? Explore what your WHY is! A great way to get a clear understanding of your why is by reflecting on why you do what you do. Ask yourself, “What do I do?” Then ask yourself, “Why?” Then ask yourself, “Why?” several more times to get down to core reasons for what you do.  When you get to something that triggers an emotional response, or at least some enthusiasm, passion, or drive, that’s part of your why! Write all of those things down and let that be the base from which you make your business decisions, draw passion and develop creative solutions.

When you get a strong hold of your why, look out! You’ll be reinvigorated and even more powerful and effective at what you do! That’s why your WHY in business matters.

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