Why I’m Closing My Facebook Group

Back in January 2016 I created the Fab Fempreneurs Facebook (FB) group exclusively for paying clients. It was the easiest way for us to communicate about upcoming events and support our growing community of women who were serious about growing their business and passionate about making a bigger impact.

At the time, my business was a little simpler with a primary focus on in-person coaching clients, workshops, and mastermind groups. There were less details to manage, less team members to collaborate with, and more opportunity to spend time posting daily themed posts in my FB community.

And it’s been amazing to see people connecting and offering each other support and ideas in the past. For a while engagement was climbing with many collaborations made and new relationships launched.

Why I’m Closing My Facebook Group

why I'm closing my Facebook community

Fast forward to now, I’m not only running group coaching, private coaching, and our UPGRADE coaching and mastermind program virtually, I’ve also produced an annual 2-day business building event called “Fab Fempreneur Fest”, a 1-day workshop called “Mini Fest,” and expanded my team and collaborative partners.

We had launched quarterly mixers in 2018 where we would take online conversations into in-person gatherings. These mixers seemed to gel our community and clients and community members looked forward to them. Then came 2020 and we took a break from those due to COVID regulations.

Throughout all the uncertainty and shifts last year, I noticed something was missing- although I was showing up at least every Tuesday for our weekly “Topic Tuesdays,” which were high-value coaching content, it began to feel less connected for me, and most likely our group members, as less and less of them were showing up despite knowing they NEEDED support with the topic.

It was toward the end of 2020 that I began to think about how much I needed to SEE people’s faces and REALLY interact with them LIVE. I no longer enjoyed seeing people “pop in” a few minutes for the FB LIVE to leave a comment and pop out. While I was happy that they may have gotten a nugget from it, and appreciated the support, this isn’t real connection to me. And Fab Fempreneurs has always stood for keeping it real and supporting authentic connections and collaborations that are mutually beneficial- not what feels like checking a box.

Due to so much of the change last year and growth throughout the last few years, I haven’t had the bandwidth to be as present in my group as I would have liked.

Now, as we gear up for closing my Facebook group, I’m excited to re-focus my vision on bringing more women entrepreneurs worldwide together for relationship-building, growth, and connecting and collaborating in a much richer way.

And full disclosure, I personally am exhausted from all of the new FB groups popping up. It’s just not feasible to be fully engaged in 12 groups (that’s how many invites I got from amazing people I know last year to join their new group!). While FB groups can be a great way for a growing community to make initial connections, have ongoing conversations about relevant topics, and even create massive revenue, it’s feeling very tired to me.

Keeping the FB longer than I desired was in part due to the idea that it would be CRAZY for a business coach to NOT have a FB group. I kept hearing “you’ve got to have a FB group if you want to grow your business online,” so I kept it thinking I would find a way to make it work, all the while feeling that I was failing for not having the energy to show up every day and rock it in the group. But everything inside of me kept shouting clearer and louder that it’s not working for my community: they need richer support and interaction, and I myself am craving that too.

I decided it doesn’t make sense to keep pouring energy and mindshare into something that is no longer supporting the vision and goals of Fab Fempreneurs. It was not feeling like EASE- my word for the year.

That’s why I’m moving forward with clarity and confidence, as I go against the flow of what is seen as standard- I am closing our Fab Fempreneurs Facebook group on February 14th, 2021.

My values and that of Fab Fempreneurs are to carve your own path and make decisions unapologetically with clarity of purpose.

I’ll be focusing my efforts and that of my team on supporting only what serves this purpose- to bring together rich, “all-in” experiences, like that of our existing programs and events, and now with the new monthly LIVE online gathering launching Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. These will serve as a regular place to ACTIVELY engage, connect, collaborate, and grow together! Bring on your beautiful faces.

I hope you will come with me and join me in the new monthly much richer conversations that are replacing the FB group. This is how I can better serve and support you!

Before the closing date be sure to:

  • Connect with anyone in the group you’ve been meaning to connect with so you can get the conversation going 1 on 1.
  • Get on my email list, which is where I’ll announce future events, programs, and special community experiences. Join here.

I can’t wait to connect further and have some fabulous fun this year together as you grow your business and make a bigger impact. See you soon!



P.S. Reach out to me through the contact form if you’d like to discuss a challenge or decision you’re facing in your business. It’s SO helpful have to have an outside perspective from someone who GETS it!