What’s Your Work Rhythm?

If you happen to be a fan of Dancing with the Stars, or have ever watched a professional dancer perform, it is a beautiful thing when the dancer and music seem to completely sync. We each have our own unique rhythm, and when we honor that rhythm, we can become more productive and more happy.

When it comes to running a business, we each must establish our own ideal rhythm. It usually takes some time and experimentation. For instance, think about when you feel the most productive. Is that first thing in the morning, or do you feel more alive at night? If mornings aren’t your thing, then don’t try to force yourself up at the crack of dawn. See if you can schedule your meetings later, and save your toughest projects for the evening when your own internal music reaches its high point.

I’ve spent a lot of time developing my own rhythm. For instance, I prefer to reserve certain times for certain activities. Every Friday I plan for the next week. It gives me an opportunity to look back on the week to acknowledge progress, see what’s left and plan the following week accordingly. I do this on a monthly and yearly basis too. Each week I generally coach clients on two specific days, use two other days for writing, networking, meeting professional friends, etc… and one day for preparation, planning and inspiration. Prior to establishing this rhythm in my business, I had to know my major business components and the key activities required to successfully carry out each (Step #3 in this article series). These ongoing practices help me to maintain a certain rhythm that keeps me feeling focused, balanced and productive!

Consider the way you work and see if a rhythm becomes apparent. If you feel like you’re floundering, unable to develop a consistent pattern of work, that simply means you’ve missed the beat to your own music. Slow down and listen to yourself. Seek what works best with you, and then repeat. Just like the contestants on Dancing with the Stars, the more you practice, the more you naturally find your rhythm. The result is pure artistry.