Balancing each goal with a strategy will help propel you to success!

Balancing each goal with a strategy will help propel you to success!

I bet there are a lot of things that you want to achieve in your business. Each of those things is a goal. Want to launch a new product? Want to create a brochure for the product? Want to make $20,000 in sales in the first month after launch?

These are all goals.

Goals are wonderful things. They act as targets, giving us something to aim for. They also offer an endpoint so that we can make real and meaningful achievements in our lives and businesses.

When I work with savvy fempreneurs, I find that many of them are already goal-driven people. However, many of these same women, (and maybe you too), struggle to achieve their goals. They have a target far off down the road and somehow get lost in the wilderness along the way. This can lead some women to conclude that their goals were too ambitious or that they themselves just weren’t strong enough, capable enough or smart enough to achieve them.


In almost every case, a woman fails to achieve her goals, because she hasn’t paired it with an effective strategy for implementation.

Strategies and goals go together like peanut butter and jelly. If the goal is the what you want to achieve, then the strategy is the how. Strategies are the ways or methods that you use to achieve your goals.

Example time. Let’s say that you have just achieved your goal of writing a short booklet on how to choose home caregivers for yourself or for your elderly parents. With that goal crossed off, it’s time to get selling. You create a second goal to sell 100 books in the next month. Now, if you think you can just load the book on Amazon and walk away, then you will be really disappointed with your sales reports at the end of the month.

You need to develop a plan with specific strategies to sell your books. As part of that plan, you’ll want to use your knowledge of your intended audience and their lifestyle to implement effective strategies.  For instance, you may create a glossy, tri-fold brochure listing the benefits of the book and then place them in the offices of local doctors who are likely to see a high volume of older patients. Since seniors are often taken to the doctor by their adult children, you’ll also be targeting your second major audience.

A goal without a strategy behind it is a lonely thing. Lonely goals are less likely to be achieved than a goal that is connected with strong, well-planned strategies.

How are you going to achieve each of the goals you currently have for your business? Think about the supplies you need, the funds, the contacts, etc… Your strategies will need to address all of these factors. When you’re ready, stop pondering and start writing your strategies down.

Please feel free to share for the benefit of the group. If you’re brave enough, tell me one of your goals in the comments section below. If you already have a strategy for achieving it, include it. If you need some help or want some ideas, don’t be afraid to ask the group. I also offer private coaching sessions if you’d like some professional help designing, implementing and achieving your goals.