I started personal training today! Or should I say, RESTARTED.

Last August I started personal training with an amazing trainer and friend who I’ve trained with in years past. We were 1 week in when I found out I had a fibroid in my uterus the size of a cantaloupe! It made sense with the myriad of symptoms I was having all year- which were all “explain-away-able”.

We took a short break as I was in pain and needed to set up all kinds of testing and doctor appointments.

Two weeks later I came back to it and was on a roll for a few weeks going strong. Then I had my first surgery- the exploratory surgery to find out exactly where the fibroid was and if a laparoscopic surgery to remove it would be an option. That meant 2 weeks off training. Then I came back to training and was on a roll again, only to get my actual removal date for that next month. While I’m thankful that I got through the surgeries and that it’s past me, it was a lot of starts and stops- or restarts.

I used to be an avid strength trainer and exercise was a regular, consistent part of my life. Over time, I deprioritized it for my business, friends, laziness, etc. That took a toll and I’ve gained quite a bit of unwanted pounds, most of it from horrible habits created last year (ugh!).

This week I restarted personal training…again.

When I initially reached out to my trainer to set up sessions again, one of the first things I told him was “oh, heads up…I’m starting over,” and he said, “that’s courageous of you.”

That landed for me because that’s the reality of what we experience and what it really takes to grow and scale your business.

You innovate, re-innovate, create, revise, pivot, learn and you EXPAND! Why?

  • Because you believe in making a meaningful difference, in being unique and creating something different and exciting.
  • You believe that success in your business is a result of living out your purpose unapologetically.
  • You are ready to see more of your passion and energy produce even greater financial results.
  • And you value more freedom, fun and fulfillment in your life.
  • You understand that as you focus, hone and even restart, it’s another level of creating all of the above.

Sometimes you need a restart.

Sometimes it feels like you’re restarting when something doesn’t work or go as planned.

Sometimes it feels like you’re starting from scratch when you’re defining a whole a new level.

Maybe you’ve restarted in the last year due to the pandemic’s impact on your business.

So, I say to you, “That takes courage!”

And it takes COURAGE to seek support and guidance to explore and embody your next level.

It takes COURAGE to step out of your comfort zone to explore possibilities and embrace a bigger vision.

It takes COURAGE to step away from what other people say success looks like, and to go all in with your unique vision, personality, and ideas.

It takes COURAGE to commit to doing the work: carving out dedicated time to get clear and map out your next steps to grow and scale your business. Most business owners don’t understand how to implement this process, or are not willing to do the deeper work, and that’s a big reason many still struggle year after year.

Growing a fabulously successful business that lights you up doesn’t happen by random one-size-fits-all-pop-that-pill efforts, but rather, purposeful steps that are directly connected with your goals.

Here’s the thing… you can’t know what those next steps are without focused, dedicated time and space to get the clarity, fresh perspective and ideas, and the wisdom and insights to know which ideas matter most to the results, impact and experiences you want.

It takes courage to say, “heck yes! Show me the way. I need support.”

So, my urging to you, especially this year as you continue to rise out of the challenges and grow in new ways, is to be courageous and say YES to 2 full days of focusing on working on your business at Fab Fempreneur Fest.

Fab Fempreneur Fest is a two-day online workshop retreat designed specifically for women business owners.

Here’s why you’ll want to attend:

You’ll engage in highly interactive mastermind sessions, take part in creative and self-exploratory activities, and participate in deep and meaningful conversations with genuine, passionate, and bold business owners.

This is your opportunity to create and shape your business in a way that brings more money, more fun, and more freedom!

This crucial time together on your business is not about doing MORE, FASTER, only to burn yourself out. It’s not about doing everything at once to grow and scale your business and adding way more to your plate. It’s about focusing in on what you really want and what matters to achieve and experience that. As Greg McKeown says in his book, “Essentialism,” it’s about doing “less but better”.

I’ve been hosting Fab Fempreneur Fests for four years now and I can tell you this: women business owners who take just 2 days and focus on their businesses while collaborating with other extraordinary, successful women entrepreneurs, experience radical results – like making MORE money, feeling more ALIVE and inspired, more easily attracting great clients, and having MORE time to do the work (or play!) they love.

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