Want more "me" time? Why not commit to attending one yoga class a week to start?

Want more “me” time? Why not commit to attending one yoga class a week to start?

We all have little things we’d like change about ourselves or the way we do things. I’m sure many of you Fab Fempreneurs have big things you’d like to change too. So why haven’t you? Breaking bad habits and starting good habits can seem overwhelming, but many people don’t even try to change, because it just seems too hard. I can relate! But that’s going to change for Fab Fempreneurs, because once you’re done reading this post, you’ll understand the power of one good habit!

Maybe you want to go from making $36,000 a year to $96,000 in your business or to finally commit time each week to marketing. Maybe you want more time away from your business to spend with your family or to have a little more “me” time. For many female entrepreneurs, this can seem like an impossible dream, but it’s not! You just have to start with one good habit.

Developing good habits is like any other goal you set for yourself: you can’t achieve it unless you take that first step forward. Pick one bad habit you want to break or one good habit you want to start. Let’s say your goal is to dedicate time each week for marketing. Ideally you might want to spend an entire day each week – let’s say Friday – on marketing your business. This goal may seem so big that you don’t even give it a shot. Rather than let your goal linger in purgatory, implement one small habit related to that goal. Try spending one hour after lunch each Friday on marketing. That’s right, one hour. Make that hour sacred and don’t let anyone take it away from you. Once that hour becomes a weekly habit, you may consider expanding it.

What about your need for some “me” time? You don’t have to cut your working hours in half right away (which most of us can’t afford to do anyway). Start small. Go to a yoga class at your local gym or studio twice a week. Choose a time that is convenient for you but stick with that time. Bend, stretch, let your stress fade away. After a few weeks, I bet your weekly yoga will be an unbreakable part of your schedule.

We Fab Fempreneurs are creatures of habit, so change is hard — but it’s also important for growing your business and growing as a person. Starting good habits takes time and persistence, so don’t get bogged down by feeling you’re not doing enough right away. Start small, and when you do finally develop one good habit, you’ll feel more confident about starting another good habit, like making ten cold calls per week, or committing to making a family dinner every Wednesday. Big changes can be made in lots of little steps, so go for it and take the first one now! What’s going to be the first good habit that you adopt?

If you need help figuring out where to start, consider Fab Fempreneur private coaching services or downloading my ebook, How to be a Fab Fempreneur