I get it. You’re busy getting things DONE. You have a busy life, and you’re busy serving your clients and one mistake entrepreneurs make mostcustomers, and creating new things to make more money. Action is key to growing your business!

Sometimes, though, before you know it, you’re operating in reactionary mode and your business is running you- instead of the other way around. You may even be making decent income, but you feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day, and you’re being pulled in all different directions. If you’d like things to change, you’ve got to do something different right? How is that possible since all those things you’re busy with are so important? In fact, you’re so busy doing and taking action, that you may have failed to do the one thing that can make the biggest different in ensuring success in your business in the long term, not to mention give you confidence that you are focusing on the right actions.

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What is that one thing? Planning. I see too many entrepreneurs failing to be intentional about what they do and wonder why they’re feeling overwhelmed or scattered, when if they took some time to plan their month, week, and/or day, they could feel so much more in charge of their business. You may be struggling to make time to plan too, and you’re not alone (I say that a lot, because it’s true!). Failing to plan is the one mistake entrepreneurs make most that keeps them from success, but it doesn’t have to be.

The most common lack of planning I see is waiting until after January 1st to think about what you want to accomplish in and through your business in the New Year. Isn’t that a bit late? Imagine getting back to your office after the New Year and having your plan ready and knowing your exact next steps. When you wait until January to think about your goals for the New Year it could take a week to nail them down, not to mention wondering how you’re going to reach them. By that point, you’re already back in reaction mode and trying desperately to catch up on emails from the holidays and as a result, goals get thrown together via what I call the “grocery shopping method” of goal setting. Email me to learn more about that. The point is that the transition from one year to the next is a natural opportunity for setting an intentional direction; and when you do, you increase your likelihood of making the impact you want, and experiencing and accomplishing more of the outcomes you want.

If you want next year to be better, give yourself a solid start by setting your direction before the end of the year. That means setting time aside to reflect on your current progress and accomplishments and to decide what you want to accomplish going forward. If that sounds daunting or you’re not sure where to start, ask for assistance! There are many resources available for business planning, whether local small business associations, goal setting workshops, or working with a business coach. Give yourself and your business a jump start for next year with early planning so you know exactly the steps you’re going to take to ensure success. You’ll feel clear and confident in your direction, and in charge of your business.