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“Sara’s Signature Business Building Coaching Group and Mastermind Program was a wonderful, forward thinking,Kait Matthews_pic program, offering a positive, supportive approach to your business. It’s perfect whether you are just at the beginning of your biz, or if you are at a crossroads with your biz, or if you are looking for guidance to improve upon what you have already worked so hard to achieve. Sara is personable, intuitive and has your best interests in mind, always.” – Kait Matthews, Owner Artbeat on Main Street Gallery


Mara_headshot“I absolutely loved working with Sara. She helped me take my business from an idea on paper and launch it into a 6-figure business that continues to grow every year. We worked to develop solid habits, techniques to manage my schedule, and created systems and structure in my business, which have helped me to grow and expand my dreams. She’s amazing and she’s just what you are looking for!”

-Mara Hoover, FemmepowerU and FinancialPowerU,  February 2014


“Sara is awesome and inspiring and really helped me on where to focus my own business efforts. In 2013 I met some important financial and other business milestones after a lot of hard work and I really wanted to build on that success and take it to the next level in 2014. I hired Sara for a Business Growth Plan Session and am very happy I did.

Sara helped me to clearly see exactly what I had accomplished, and natural ways that I could build on that in the coming year. She guided me in seeing a refreshed vision for my business, and together we created a plan to make that vision happen. After only 2.5 hours I had an actual game plan to grow my business in the New Year and Sara made it feel easy and fun. Best of all, immediately (within days) more money began flowing – as if by magic … I could tell any ‘blocks’ or ‘worries’ were gone as a result of our work together.

Sara is so professional and upbeat and nuggets of wisdom and creative ideas flow out of her. Here we are not even 2 weeks into the new year and already I am having a great year! This session was a fantastic investment.”

Theresa H., Attorney, Escondido, California. January 2014


“I have been working with Sara for almost 6 months now and throughout this process, I have seen a dramatic change in the way that I am focusing on my business. She has inspired and energized me to concentrate on what I need to direct my attention to in order to see results and feel comfortableHadley Wood pic with where my business is at, and where it is headed. It is so productive to work with a professional that has my directive in mind yet has a ‘outside’ view of my arena. I have been able to accomplish many goals with Sara’s help and I continue to rely on her for her sound business advice, personal direction and thoughtful insight. She will continue to be a part of my personal and professional growth and I would highly recommend Sara for anyone that is looking for a true Business Coach that can offer real results.”
Hadley Wood, CEO/President, H. Linwood Insurance Services, Inc. http://hlinwood-insurance.com.  June 2013


“I stumbled upon Sara and her business coaching at just the right time. I had recently left a corporate marketing job and completed a certification to become a Pilates Instructor. I knew that I had to have a clear strategy to start my business. Sara was just the person I was looking for to help me formulate the vision, develop the plan, define the actions. It was wonderful!!! The monthly calls, coaching and mid month follow ups were instrumental to me staying on task of holding me accountable for my business. When I thought I had all the answers or ideas, Sara would always come up with ‘ another thing to think about’ – she pushed me out of my box and gave me great inspiration. Thank you Sara!! ”
– Rebecca Raiza, Owner, Rock and Roll Pilates. March 2013


“For the past several months, Sara has been a tireless and enthusiastic accountability partner in regards to the great progress I have made in my business. On every call, Sara provides an enthusiastic and positive ear in listening to my business dreams, ideas, concerns and fears, and provided easily approachable

Laura Wireman

action items, and monthly progress steps for me to take to set my vision in motion. I now feel I have a concrete way to make my business vision materialize in 2013.

Since outlining the ‘bullet points’ on my Business Vision 2 months ago – I see that I have already manifested over 50% of the objectives I listed…and I know exactly what steps to take to have all the points materialize, as quickly as I desire them. I could not have had the focus, drive or desire (on my own) to create and execute the ground work to bring my business dreams into reality without Sara! And she is not only a wonderful Business Coach and Partner to Success, I consider her to be a true ‘friend’ – a woman whom I love talking and working with on all matters. She helps me in my life in so many ways beyond your typical ‘Business Coach’ – she is SO much more!! Eternally grateful”
– Laura Wireman, Owner, Innerspace Design Interiors, www.innerspacedesign.org. January 2013


“I am very grateful to have been referred to Sara. I am also very grateful that she made an exception from her normal business practice of catering to professional women, and made the time to help me with my business needs. I am an independent personal trainer and have run my business for more than a decade. I have built an excellent reputation in my area as someone who is knowledgeable in my field and trust-worthy with my business practices, but that alone is not enough to take your business to the next level. I was struggling to get any momentum to get my business to a level I felt it deserved to be. That is where Sara stepped in and was able to give me step by step tasks and strategies to implement into my daily, weekly and monthly routine, which freed up a lot of my time. It has also allowed me to focus on the most important tasks first, and then move on to the next task in a very practical and logical order.

In the very first month of coaching with Sara, all of my mountains were reduced to tiny little mole hills. As a result of working with Sara my confidence in my ability to reach my professional goals has sky rocketed and now my vision for my future is even bigger than ever before. I already have a 25% increase in new business in only a few short months and have a more easily managed schedule. I am thankful for her patience, expertise and the value she has added to my life and to my business. If given the chance to enlist Sara’s expertise to help you reach your goals, I highly recommend taking advantage of it immediately.”
– Rick Sharp, Owner, A Work In Progress Personal Training, www.sdworkout.com September 2012


“I am thrilled to endorse Sara as I have been working with her as my business coach for a year now. Sara is so knowledgeable and talented at helping entrepreneurs identify their goals and key strategies to accomplish those goals. She has helped me to target my efforts in business and also helped me to celebrate my accomplishments. Its great to have such an amazing business woman and mentor cheering me on toward success! ”
-Mara Hoover, Owner, Meet Mara and My Grumpy Husband, www.marahoover.com. July 2012


“As a result of working with Sara for the past several months, I’ve been able to define what I want out of my life and career, and confirm that it’s the right path for me. Her challenging questions and strategic way of thinking have pushed me further than I would have been able to do on my own.Quinn photo  She has kept me on track and focused on the goals at hand as I make the transition to building a coaching business of my own. Thanks to Sara, I now have a clearer picture of what I want to create in my own business, a sense of confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction and the support and encouragement I need to make it happen.”
– Quinn Paglierani, Owner, Coach Quinn. October 2012




“I had the pleasure to participate in a Mastermind Group that Sara spearheaded and was so happy I did! In a world where business and personal lives move at such a fast pace, I know I wasn’t alone in experiencing frustration in trying to find a better balance between a happy, healthy personal life while still creating and growing a Deborah Moyercutting edge business.

Sara’s leadership and spirit was the key to helping me make that happen with my senior downsizing business. She has a unique way of keeping a diverse group of independent women on task, while still keeping things fun and always inspiring. We all looked forward to our meetings with her to share our struggles, ideas, goals for the future and, most importantly, the successes we enjoyed from strategies that we created together. I would unreservedly recommend Sara and her Mastermind Program! It’s the best! Thank you Sara!”
– Deborah MoyerYour Organizing Answer. November 2012