How Close are You to the Sweet Spot of Your Business?

Take the assessment to find out!

Instructions: For each item, rate to what extent you agree with the statement on a scale from 1 to 5.

1= “Strongly Disagree”

3= “Neutral”

5= “Strongly Agree”


Section I: Head- Getting Your Head in the Game

1) I have a clear vision for growing my business.*
2) I regularly create goals.*
3) I track my progress.*
4) I maintain a positive and confident mindset.*
5) I develop my knowledge personally and professionally.*
6) When making decisions that affect my business, they are strategic and intentional rather than haphazard.*
7) I have systems, processes, technology and/or tools that support my business growth.*
8) I make improvements to my business on a regular basis.*
9) I feel a clear sense of where I’m headed.*
10) I feel clear about how I will reach my goals.*
11) I know what strategies I am using to grow my business.*
12) I have a good sense of what strategies or activities are helping me reach my goals and which are not.*