Communication is key inside and outside of your business. To learn how to communicate effectively in your messaging, is a gateway to success for your business and for you to attract your ideal client. Sarah Flocken of SLH Communications, a San Diego based (relocated from Washington DC) Public Relations agency specialises in editorial services for nationwide businesses and entrepreneurs. The “SLH” in SLH Communications stands for “sound like a human” and that’s exactly what Sarah aims to do with her clients.

“PR is the core of storytelling so that your brand or company is trusted and your name is out there more,” says Sarah. She helps companies craft their message for their website and blogs, PR crisis management and provides editorial pitches. Her key tip is to read your content out loud and make sure what you are writing makes sense! To connect with her further, please contact her here.


In this episode, we cover:

Know your audience. What words/phrases excite them or inspire emotions? What do they want deep down?


Whether you are writing an email blast or website content, you need to know what words or phrases invoke emotion for your audience. This will help you understand your clients’ needs and how you can better serve them. For example, using “F” words like focused, fun, and financially fulfilled.


Banish buzzwords. Unless, of course, you know some that excite your audience – but use those sparingly.

Plain, human-sounding language is what will earn your audience’s trust. Sarah helps her clients go beyond their industry jargon and presents themselves into the public. You do not want to use super technical terms in your messaging-that will tune your audience out. Sarah suggests you introduce yourself to the public by breaking down simple to the point phrases that help bridge the gap between you and the consumer.

Know what core needs you fill for your audience. And then always speak to that need.

What deep emotional need are you fulfilling for them: a sense of security? Are you making them feel empowered? Ask yourself “how is what I’m sharing and teaching supporting that need?” Understand what they are feeling and support that need. Provide actionable steps to bring it together through your messaging.


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