Fab Fempreneurs


Business Building Program

An 8-week online course for service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready to:

•  get momentum going

•  get their business growing, and

•  see their big vision come to fruition

September 16th, 2022 – November 4th, 2022

GROW YOUR BUSINESS with the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program

This program is for you if:

  1. You’re newer in your business and feel like you’re scattering your efforts and need to get momentum going. OR
  2. You’re more established in business but feel there are gaps, and know you need to fill them to build a solid foundation for scaling to your next level. OR
  3. You may be making a big shift in your business and need to align several things with that new vision. You may not know exactly what those things are or how to strategically so that. We got you covered!

As a result of this program you can expect to:

  1. Be much more clear and confident in your direction
  2. Have a doable and specific plan forward
  3. Have a solid foundation you can build upon.
  4. Get better results faster and much easier! (more money and more clients!)
  5. Feel less stressed and have more fun!

This program combines the short-term progress with longer term growth: we focus on getting momentum going quickly where needed WHILE intentionally building key areas of your business for the longer term.

Jessica Cruz-Abalos

“Participating in the Signature Business Program is worth the investment!!

“My previous business partner and I mutually decided to shut down our business, and I was ready to be a solo-entrepreneur. So when I joined the Fab Fempreneur’s Signature Business Program, I was practically starting from square one. 

While I did have five years of entrepreneurial experience behind me, I had areas in my wheelhouse that needed strengthening and improvement, especially in the areas of finance, sales, and marketing.

I experienced immediate results within my business during and after joining the program. With balancing my time between being a business owner and mother, my work weeks became more productive. Not only was I serving my clients more efficiently, but I also found time to work on my own goals and fulfill them within realistic timelines. Talking to clients about money had always been a pain point for me, but now I understood the value I provided and am more confident when it comes to talking to prospective clients and closing deals. 

I highly recommend working with Sara and joining the Signature Business Program. As business owners, we always end up thinking about others that we end up forgetting about taking care of ourselves. Not only are you given 8-weeks to focus on yourself and your business, but you are also allowed to work with other women from different industries, gain feedback and brand new insight, and, most importantly, are given the support to succeed. Participating in the Signature Business Program is worth the investment! I am so grateful to Sara and my fellow group members for all their help and support.”

Jess Cruz-Abalos
J Cruz Designs

What Does the Program Cover?

Module 1: Assess Your Business

Using the Fab 4 Formula you’ll assess your business in 4 key areas.

Understanding exactly where you stand will show your highest payoff areas to improve and get momentum going with immediate action steps.

The 4 areas of the Fab 4 Formula are foundational to every business no matter what stage or industry.

Module 2: Vision

A strong foundation is a must. You’ll develop your unique vision, which paints a picture of exactly what you will do in and through your business. It provides the needed deeper level thinking and discovery that you need to create meaningful, strong goals. It’s also what sets you apart from your competitors.

Most people completely skip this critical step. You won’t be one of them!

Module 3: Growth Plan

It’s a start to have a deep sense of where you want to take your business, but you need specifics. You’ll develop a plan that clearly outlines your goals, along with strategies and action steps to reach them. You’ll establish short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Whether you DESPISE goal setting OR have a degree in it, you’ll create goals that MATTER, and you’ll get support and feedback! No more going through the goal-setting motions.

Module 4: Mindset, Habits, & Schedule

It’s a solid foundation when you have a clear Vision and Growth Plan, but if you’re not in alignment with them they don’t have power. You’ve got to lead yourself well in order to make progress and see results. Most common areas you either help OR hinder yourself are: Mindset, Habits, and Priorities/Schedule. You’ll create your Ideal Weekly Schedule and master key next level habits for growth.

Module 5: Build Capacity

If you want to grow your business and handle that growth, you must prepare yourself and your business for it. Key areas you’ll build capacity: your business model, systems, and delegation. Are you charging enough? Are you leveraging yourself and your time well?

You’ll answer these questions and more, and be ready for more money and more free time.

Module 6: Financials & Tracking

It’s fun to pick a number out of the sky and decide that’s what you want to make, but is it realistic? You can aim for whatever sales you want, but if your business and goals aren’t set up to support that, you’ll be way off. You’ll close any gaps between your financial goals and your business growth goals. Plus, you’ll decide exactly what numbers to track to stay on top of your business performance so you can make adjustments quickly.

Module 7: Marketing Plan & Sales Process

It’s easy to scatter marketing efforts and not get anywhere or be unsure about what really works.

In this program you’ll create your Ideal Client Profiles and craft your 1-page Marketing Plan. Great! You can market well but then what? You’ve got to know what steps to take people through when they say they’re interested.

Without 5 key stages built into your sales process you could be losing out on sales. You’ll map yours out so that doesn’t happen.

Module 8: Leadership Manifesto

Are you a leader? The answer for all fempreneurs is YES!

Throughout the program you build and strengthen key areas of your business. This final module comes full circle to develop a clear leadership Vision and Development Plan that defines your intended impact in 3 spheres: Staff/Team, Clients, and Professional Community & Industry.

How do you want your clients to benefit from you? What do you want your professional community to learn from you?

“Through Sara’s 8-Week Signature Business Building Program I’ve had incredible breakthroughs!

I’d been a business owner for nearly a decade when I met Sara, during most of which I felt “stuck”. I had grown my business to a certain point, but I could never seem to break past that point. I was feeling really frustrated and burned out. However, through Sara’s private coaching sessions, workshops, Fab Fempreneur Fest, and her 8-week Signature Business Building Program, I have had incredible business breakthroughs!

Sara first helped me analyze what tasks I could delegate to free me up so I could focus on growing my business and doing the design work I enjoy most. Within a year, I had doubled my number of employees, giving me more time to focus on business development and better management. My sales grew by nearly 20% that year, and now I have a fantastic team who are growing and learning with me.

Next, she helped me develop systems to streamline my sales process and business operations. She also helped me get clear about what kind of client I find most enjoyable and profitable. With those tools and more, our sales increased by another 130% in the second year — that’s a total of 150% over a 2 year period! Perhaps more importantly, I was working on the calibre of project I wanted with clients I enjoy, and I had more free time to have a fulfilling life outside of work.

I just finished Sara’s 8-week Signature Business Building Program, and already, I’ve started accomplishing goals I thought were just fantasies. I am truly excited about the future and motivated to keep growing. Even when the COVID-19 virus threatened to change everything for the worse, I didn’t panic — I consulted my team, came up with a plan, and started developing exciting new products and services for our clients. I’ve even started writing a book to share my knowledge with others (another great workshop Sara offers!)

I am truly grateful for Sara’s transformative programs and coaching — money and time well spent. I look forward to seeing what I’ll be able to achieve in the coming year.”

Lexine Schroeder
Owner, Botanika Interior Plantscapes

Lexine Schroeder

Lexine Schroeder
Owner, Botanika Interior Plantscapes

Here’s what you get when you participate in this group program:

  • Weekly TWO-HOUR group coaching & mastermind sessions for 8 weeks
  • The copyrighted Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program curriculum with 8 modules
  • Access to the private Facebook Group exclusively created for program participants
  • Downloadable business-building templates, tools and guides
  • Coaching video messages to keep you on track and inspired
  • Lots of support, ideas, accountability and resources shared by Sara and group members

Investment: $3,497

Payment options available (see application)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the program within the 8 weeks or can I go at my own pace?

This is not a self-paced or DIY course. This program is LIVE and involves all groups members within the same 8 week period so everyone can work through the same modules together.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?
We ensure you’re a good fit for the program with a thorough consultation process. We invite you to join the program when you are fully committed to the 8 weeks and to doing the work. Should an emergency arise during the 8 weeks we do permit one week missed to allow for real world events. We are a no-refund program.
How much time is required / commitment needed?
This is an intensive program that supports you to focus each week on a critical part of your business. Each week of the 8 week program we have a LIVE 2-hour group coaching session via Zoom. Outside of this session please plan to set aside about 2 additional hours to work through the curriculum, meet with your accountability partner (30 min call), and take action on powerful action steps you’ve identified for growing your business.

Our Client Stats

Increase their pricing by a range of 50%-300% within the course of the program

At just 25% of the way through the program, clients share they are more clear, have more confidence in their direction and decisions, and are feeling more fulfillment and enjoyment

100% clients who complete the program report an average monthly revenue INCREASE of $1,500-$4,000 as a result of the work in the program

We support and guide all program participants to:

Create and expand their vision for what’s possible, supporting clients to feel a meaningful connection with their business and their purpose every day

Develop strategies and habits that support a schedule that allows them more free time, and less stress

Create a doable plan for growth that feels exciting and aligns with the life they want

Take action and be accountable to make consistent visible progress

Create highly profitable packages and pricing that they sell easily to their ideal clients

Only work with their ideal clients so they make the most impact and have more fun working with clients