How much time can email templates save you?

You could do with a little more time in your working day, right? More time, means you can bill an extra hour or reach out and introduce yourself to a few more leads.

So, if you want more time during the day, why are you writing the same emails over and over again?

You know what I’m talking about. Every fempreneur needs to regularly communicate with customers, vendors, and other contacts via email. Oftentimes, we have to communicate the same thing to different people at different times, or we have an established process that calls for specific types of communication at certain times.

For instance, I always try to follow up with prospects I meet while networking.  Even though each of these emails is personalized for that individual, the majority of the content is the same. I offer a greeting, remind the individual where we met, add a sentence or two about our conversation and then more fully introduce myself and my services.

There’s no need for me to rewrite this same email over and over again. Instead, I can create a template message with allowances for personalization.

Think about all the emails you write. I bet you’ll see a pattern of repetitive emails. You may write introductory emails to new clients, follow up emails to prospects, invoicing emails at the end of the month, or even regular reporting emails. You may also notice that you get a similar question from clients or prospects on a regular basis. Rather than typing out the same answer over and over again, why not write it once, put it in folder on your computer labeled “Email Templates”, and save yourself 15 – 20 minutes each time someone asks the same questions?

Here’s another example. A friend of mine often gets asked for referrals to professionals in related fields. Each time she was asked, she would have to track down the contact information for each of her referrals, digging out their phone number, email and web address as well as adding a little blurb about their services. One day, a big light bulb went off. She simply created a contact sheet of all her referrals in each service category. Now when she gets a referral request, she can open the document, copy and paste and send a great referral to her client in less than three minutes.

A little time savings goes a long way. Start developing email templates for the most common messages you send. I’d say that if you send a similar email or are asked a similar question at least once a month, then that message is ripe for an email template.

If you are having a lot of trouble managing your time effectively, consider working with a coach, who can help you explore your routine and develop habits of efficiency to help you work smarter and achieve a more balanced life.