Through the course of working with over 300 female entrepreneurs, a majority of them did not do this ONE revitalize your businessthing that would have transformed their business and made getting greater financial results easier. It also would have made it easier to identify and attract more of their ideal clients (those who are HIGHLY qualified prospects). Thankfully I told them what it was and they revitalized their business!

At the end of this post, I’ll share with you how to learn all seven steps every fempreneur must take to not only revitalize your business, but take the guess work out of having a fulfilling AND profitable business. For now, let’s dig into the ONE that too many passionate, service-based female entrepreneurs do NOT do that is stalling their business, and could be stalling yours too.

The ONE thing you must do now to revitalize your service business is…

>>>> Create your OWN vision for success! <<<<

The biggest indicator that female entrepreneurs have NOT created a vision for their business, is when they are striving for popular goals that other people in their industry are working toward without understanding why. That’s what I call the “grocery shopping method” to goal setting. You want a quick fix, or to not have to think too much so you can see results faster. And, there’s nothing wrong with wanting faster results! But you may decide that since “that big wig” is doing it and successful, I should do it too”. That’s not necessarily true, and worse, because you don’t know WHY the goal makes sense for you or if it does actually make sense, it’s detached from any sort of meaning for you. That’s why it’s called grocery shopping method- you stroll by the “popular in my industry” or “what people around me are doing” goals isle and pick one off the shelf and put it in your cart (your business).

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So, what does this have to do with creating your own vision for success?

When you clarify your own vision and definition for success, you feel immediately empowered and more in charge of your business. After all, as the CEO of your business you set the direction, but if you don’t know where you’re headed, how will you get there? Without a clear vision for your business, how do you know what are the right goals that will bring the outcomes and experiences you want for your business, your life and your ideal clients? You don’t. It’s a guessing game.

When you take the time to develop a vision for the business you want create say, next year, or how to take your business to the next level, you will feel much more fulfilled by your work, and less frustrated and unsure. As you’re well aware, you cannot say “yes” to everything, and choosing what to focus on and which opportunities to take are a reality of your daily business life. A clear vision will empower you to know exactly what efforts, target audience, and opportunities (there are so many!) align with your vision, or not. Immediately, once your vision is clear, most of those enticing, exciting, great opportunities will fall away with crystal clear clarity until only the ones that are relevant remain (including those highly qualified clients you really want to work with!).

So, what’s in a business vision and how do you create one?

In a nutshell, it’s a documented (not just in your head!) depiction of what you’re creating in and through your business! I’m not talking about a stuffy, boring business planny vision statement (although you may write one of those if you are seeking capital investments). Rather, this is an unearthing of what’s inside you- all the desires you have for your business, what you’ll do through your business, the impact you’re making on your clients, and the impact you wish your business to have on your life. It’s a very inspiring and insightful process and powerful thing to create. It brings both your Head and Heart to the table (instead of the usual overly-logical approach that devalues your heart-based insights and vision) so you bring your whole, fabulous self to this most important step. Love that, don’t you?

That’s why I’m excited to provide a private 1 on 1 coaching session where I guide you through the key steps to write your compelling and meaningful vision for your business. If you’re ready for a clear vision for your business that supports the life you desire, let’s get your session booked!


Having a clear Vision for your business is the first step. There are 6 additional steps you need to take to not only revitalize your business, but build your business to be both fulfilling and profitable. If you want to know all 7 steps and implement them yourself, you can download my ebook.

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You are ready to stop struggling to achieve your goals, revitalize your business and understand exactly what steps to take to build your business to be both fulfilling AND profitable…

To your success!




P.S. If more service-based female entrepreneurs had a clear Vision (and took all 7 steps to revitalize their business) there would be more fulfillment, financial abundance (and fun!). It’s time to set meaningful goals and make a bigger impact on your clients…

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