Have you ever found yourself working with several clients but still not making enough money? Or struggling to attract ideal clients and not sure why?

This can happen when you do not point prospects to the right level of service or your pricing is too low.

A few years ago I started working with a branding photographer client who was steadily growing her business, but was at a place where she felt stuck. She was leading her sales conversations with headshot sessions (her lowest priced offering), and as a result, her calendar quickly got filled up with low-priced clients and had her driving all over the place to set up a shoot. She had no room for anything else, yet wasn’t making enough money. She knew many of her clients needed a whole set of different types of images to support their goals, but wasn’t educating them on this because it felt like pressure to upsell to a “whole bunch of images” like was done in a traditional photo session (remember those school photo packages?). 

By getting clear on what the majority of her tribe really needed, we created a core package to serve them more fully. We also raised her fees, all of which immediately increased her revenue by 300-400% per client. Now, she leads most of her prospective clients to this middle offering with only select days for headshot sessions and exclusive spots for her upper-level package. She’s enjoying more money and more free time to do other things she loves!

What is a core offer?

A core offer is the main service you provide for your ideal clients. It’s your go-to offer that creates leverage to reach more people and make more money, while helping your clients get optimal results.  

A core offer can come in many shapes. Here are a few examples:

    • DIY course
    • Monthly membership
    • Full-day workshop
    • Signature program
    • Group coaching program
    • Private consulting day
    • Multi-day event
    • Retreat

Do you have a core offer? 

When you’re clear on your core offer it will help you attract your ideal clients with much more ease. You’ll be on your way to reach more people and make more money with your core offer ready to go!  

If you already have a core offer, it’s important to evaluate it along with your other offerings to ensure it’s still working well for your clients and you. And if you haven’t raised your fees in 2 years or more, it’s time to determine your new pricing!  

As Founder and CEO of Fab Fempreneurs, I teach my clients how to develop or upgrade their core offer, which is a key step to create GROWTH and increase revenue. I invite you to get support and book a Coaching Strategy Session with me to evaluate your needs, uncover your biggest current challenges and opportunities, and decide if we’re a good fit to set up further coaching sessions to create your core offer together.

How do you create your core offer?

One way to discover or create your core offer is to think about what your clients have asked you about most, or requested support for most. Does it point to a new offering? Or is it something you can add to an existing offer that would add significantly more value, and warrant a higher fee?

Another approach to discovering your core offer is to look at your current offerings and see if there’s an opportunity to combine some of them, or do a deeper dive into one of them. For example, if you often have people hiring you for one-off sessions, consider packaging these into a group of sessions or workshop series that addresses most common issues your clients ask you about.  It ideally should be something that serves as many people as possible to create leverage in your business, e.g. when you can offer your workshop series to 12 people at once, this allows you to reach more people and make more money, while freeing up some of your time and growing your business faster. 

As mentioned above, if you already have a core offer, periodically evaluate your core offer to ensure it’s still relevant and that you’re improving it based on feedback from clients and your own insights. Or, you may be ready for a 2nd core offer!  You can adapt and make changes as you grow your business, and enjoy your work that much more.

Can you have more than one core offer?

Absolutely! You can have more than one ideal client category, therefore it makes sense that you might have multiple core offers. Our ideal clients at Fab Fempreneurs are either Builders or UPGRADERS.

Our core offer to meet the needs and challenges of these two groups are 1) the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building (SBB) Program especially for Builders, and 2) UPGRADE Coaching & Mastermind Program for clients who’ve already set a solid foundation for growth and ready to expand and build on that foundation. Clients who complete the SBB program typically join UPGRADE within a few months of program completion in order to continue the guidance, support and accountability as they implement and navigate their plan for growth. They know they want other growth-minded women who are also up to great things and that a strong, committed community will make the difference. They’ve shifted from a focus on getting their foundation built to scaling so they can make more money and have more free time.

Similarly, clients who complete your first core offer will most likely want to continue working with you if they get great results. Be prepared to offer them a next step! Your first core offer is a foundational option for clients to work with you to address their needs, desires and goals to a specific level, or within a specific focus area. Other ideal clients may have established those things already and be ready for your next-level offer from the start.  Have a process to determine where they fit and qualify them to ensure they get the best outcomes possible, and they’ll end up telling all of their friends and colleagues about their experience!

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When you’re ready to reach more people and make more money through a core offer, set up a Coaching Strategy Session with me.

Here’s to reaching more people and making more money in your business this year!