POP UP Coaching Session


POP UP Coaching Sessions are 30 minutes by phone/ZOOM.

POP UP Coaching Hours are high impact, laser-focused coaching sessions focused on ONE main idea or challenge. Each session is 30 minutes, and includes a POP UP Prep Sheet to get the most from your session. Book yours now and download your Prep Sheet.

*Please be sure to read the requirements below. Then click the “Add to cart” button below.



POP UP Coaching Sessions are 30 minutes online via ZOOM.

They are high impact, laser-focused coaching sessions focused on ONE main idea or challenge.
A few examples of how you might want to use your session include: brainstorm quick ways to increase your revenue, get clarity on your pivot/shift, get feedback on your idea, get clear on your top 2-3 goals for the next quarter, evaluate why something isn’t working, take the first steps toward addressing your most annoying business challenge, get an audit of your weekly schedule, identify your top marketing strategy with immediate steps to implement it, or map out a high-level draft of your sales process.

These are “one and done” sessions with no obligation to purchase more sessions. (If you’re looking for ongoing coaching or a coaching program, I do have other options)

When you complete payment for your session you’ll see a link to your POP UP Prep Sheet on your confirmation page (look closely for it- you might miss it ;-). This will support a most productive and beneficial session.

***A few requirements:
– This is a private coaching session and limited to one person per time slot.
– Absolutely no refunds. Sessions will only be rescheduled in the case of an emergency. Please do everything you can to keep your session.
– Be on time. Your session cannot be extended if you run late, in order to stay on schedule for those who may be in subsequent time slots.


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