Do you have a few big, exciting goals you’d like to reach?

Setting goals is just the beginning…

When you first set these goals, you’re motivated and ready to go! You may make some early progress, but often life happens, or things just don’t go as planned. It’s easy to stall or even get stuck entirely.

Alternatively, there are times when you are making great strides toward your goals and can see the finish line in the distance.

Whatever stage you are in, you can create breakthrough momentum by leveraging the power of a week!

Why is a week so magical?

Often, we focus solely on daily to-dos and overestimate how much we can accomplish in 1 day!

That results in an ongoing sense of overwhelm, not to mention at the end of the day you don’t feel successful, and certainly not productive, because you failed to accomplish the to-do list for the day.
Ugh, it’s a vicious cycle.

When you take a weekly view instead, and then break that down into doable daily tasks it becomes more manageable and you feel more in charge of your productivity. You drive your work- it doesn’t drive you.

How do you have a laser-focused week to create breakthrough momentum?


1. Know your existing goals and review them regularly

If you are to make visible progress toward your goals each week, you’ve got to have your goals in mind as you make plans and commitments. This is where the rubber meets the road, and often where people have a disconnect and then wonder why they aren’t making progress.

A portion of your time each week should be solely focused on moving closer to a specific goal (or two!). The exact amount of time isn’t critical, but my standard is around 3 hours minimum (I often squeeze in 6 when I really need to get moving).

That may not sound like a lot, but factor in: business operations, appointments, networking meetings, client work, meeting with current and prospective clients, responding to emails and voicemails, supporting team members, strategic planning, and marketing and sales. Three hours of laser-focused time on important goals can make a big difference to create breakthrough momentum and consistency.

How you break these hours is up to you and based on how you structure your schedule, your business environment, and lifestyle. Consider chunking a block of time on a slower/office day or devoting the first hour of every day to action steps toward your goal.

2. Make weekly planning a non-negotiable habit

How do you keep up with making intentional weekly progress toward your goals?

Make weekly planning a regular part of your business.

Whatever day you choose, include the following in your weekly planning process:

  • Review the previous week for accomplishments to celebrate AND open to-dos left over
  • Note upcoming appointments and meetings that require preparation
  • Identify special events or days off that mean squeezing in work elsewhere
  • Identify timely tasks triggered by special events or deadlines (e.g. proposal deadline, end of quarter taxes)
  • Choose your block of time for laser focus on your goals
  • Allow some white space for the unexpected (and for some breathing room)

When you include the above in a weekly planning session, come Monday morning you’re not trying to figure out what to work on, or worse, being pulled in 10 different directions not really knowing what you accomplished at end of day (that’s work/others driving you).

3. Be fierce with your time and commitments

When you’ve blocked off that time for YOUR business you must protect it!

There will be people and opportunities that pop up that will vie for that time. When this happens, remind yourself why this goal-focused time is important and what you will accomplish and experience by sticking with it. (Glance at your vision statement or vision board for inspiration too.)

A simple and effective way of protecting this time when a request pops up that doesn’t align with your goals and priorities, is to say, “Oh that sounds like a great opportunity. I’m booked that that time, but please keep me in mind for the future.” It’s mutually respectful.

Without intentional weekly planning and clear priorities, a week can go by and before you know it, you’ve gone a month and haven’t gotten to your goals. Instead, set yourself up to create breakthrough momentum and embrace the power of a week.

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