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A 4-week business growth program to make shifts quickly that result in profit + impact

Every Thursday 10AM -12PM PST

Starts March 26, 2020

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NOTE: I originally set this up as an 8-week option (as you’ll hear in the video), but after receiving feedback from many of you, we’re starting with 4 weeks!

NOW is the time to take focused, intentional action to keep your business growing and THRIVE!

This program is for you if:

  • You’re an existing serviced-based fempreneur and your business will/may need to make BIG changes in light of the current climate, and you’re not clear about what to do or how.

  • You know you need support and guidance during this uncertain season and also want to feel a sense of community- that you’re not alone

  • You believe in the power of good coaching and masterminding with other growth-minded fempreneurs

  • You don’t want to spin your wheels and watch your business crash because you froze up- you want to be proactive and use this time to not just survive, but thrive as you make a bigger impact, fulfill your purpose, and make a profit!

As a result of this program you can expect to:

  1. Be much more clear and confident to make critical changes and adjustments in your business

  2. Identify neccessary adjustments and create a plan to make it happen

  3. Discover what your clients need most and be seen as a responsive leader and expert

  4. Create cashflow and increase profits

  5. Minimize the stress and increase the fun again!

The focus of this program is to support you to Pivot quickly, feel clear on your Purpose and share it through your offer, and make a Profit from your Pivot Plan. It’s about coming together, focusing, and taking swift, purposeful action.


Investment ONLY $499 

“I not only have reached my highest revenue year to date, I have energy, focus, and am enjoying my life so much more…

“One of the biggest take-aways of working with Sara was the inner work…as a leader, and financially successful yet overworked business owner. I looked at my packages and saw what was profitable versus a complete waste of time. What I received from Sara and the amazing community that she’s built is the confidence and presence of a CEO that I didn’t have before. I became clear on my elevator speech and exactly the target audience I was going after. The most important part was HOW to grow this business so I can take each level of my business and grow it to the next level year after year.

I never in a million years would have taken the time and space to have worked on these things on my own. I met many new clients within the Fab Fempreneurs Community and at Fab Fempreneur Fest! I not only have reached my highest revenue year to date, I have energy, focus, and am enjoying my life so much more. You have to find a great leader, a great community, and the right tools and techniques that are going to work for you. Look no further- you found it with Fab Fempreneurs!”

– Dana Magnus, Marketing Consultant, The MKTG Brand

What Does the Program Include?

FOUR Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

We meet each week to discuss exactly where you are and how to move forward, create a breakthrough, and implement what matters most. You’ll get direct coaching from Sara, support and accountability from the group, and feedback on your idea or challenge. Sara is pulling from her best content and materials to support you to Pivot, Be Clear on Your Purpose, and Profit!

Proven Business Building Curriculum

Get proven business building materials – I’m pulling my BEST content and curriculum to facilitate your pivot (you can reuse these in the future!)

Private Facebook Group

This is your private space with other group members to share progress, questions, get feedback, and contribute to the group. For example, want feedback on a new offer? Post or upload your content and we’ll offer lots of valuable insights and feedback to make it successful and priced right!

“I had been in business for a few years when I started working with Sara, but not at the level I wanted to be…

“I had been in business for a few years when I started working with Sara. I was at a place in my business where I had clients coming to me and I was making good money, but not at the level I wanted to be. I knew I could be reaching a higher level of client. I was struggling to get there and to get clarity on the steps I needed to take to build my business to that next level. After working with Sara and continuing to work with her, what I love about Sara is that she has a very tactical mindset and gets in and rolls up her sleeves and says, “hey I see you have this as a goal, but let’s get finite about what you are going to do to make that goal happen.”

Sara helped me set up to scale rather than just taking everything coming to me and feeling overwhelmed because I wasn’t really focused. Sara helped me get very intentional with who I was speaking to, how I was building my business, and adjust my pricing and packaging. I immediately started making significantly more per client, and that alone was worth the investment of working with Sara.”

Marcy Browe
Owner | Visual Brand Expert | Photographer
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 2. When you complete purchase process  you’ll receive an email with next steps, including a link to our private FB group. Check your spam folder just in case!

Program Dates: Every Thursday 10AM – 12PM PST starting March 26th  

***DEADLINE to Join: Wednesday, March 25th, 2020***

 ***Please review program details, FAQs, and commitment before signing up. ***


Investment ONLY $499 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the program within the 8 weeks or can I go at my own pace?

This is not a self-paced or DIY course. We are excited to offer a program that is LIVE and involves all groups members within the same 8 week period so everyone can work through the same focus areas together.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Fab Fempreneurs, as always maintains a no-refund policy. We invite you to join the program when you are fully committed to the 8 weeks and to doing the work. Should an emergency arise during the 8 weeks, we do permit one week missed to allow for real world events. We value you and support you to value yourself and your business.

How much time is required / commitment needed?

This is an intensive program that supports you to focus each week on making forward progress. Each week of the 8 week program we have a LIVE 2-hour group coaching session via Zoom. Outside of this session you may choose to set aside as much time as you need to work on teh steps you lay out. On average plan to set aside about 2 additional hours to take action on your chosen commitments to grow your business that week, as well as meet with your accountability triad. 

Stats from Clients Who’ve Work with Sara:

Increase their pricing by a range of 50%-300% within the course of coaching with Sara

At just 25% of the way through her coaching program, clients share they are more clear, have more confidence in their direction and decisions, and are feeling more fulfillment and enjoyment

100% clients who complete Sara’s programs report an average monthly revenue increase of $1,500-$4,000 as a result of the work in the program