Guest post by Remy Meraz

For most entrepreneurs including myself, there was a path that led me to take the leap and launch my business. Mine began when I fell in love with personal development. That love affair started in my teens when I met my first therapist, Oprah Winfrey.  I had a standing hourly appointment with her via my television every afternoon at 3pm. I often say Oprah saved my life because I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage from family trauma, drama, and dysfunction. And although I didn’t get to interact in person, she and her guests helped me break free from the chains of the past weighing down my mental and emotional soul.

Those daily Oprah sessions planted the first seeds of development. And like any other seedling wanting to grow, I was thirsty for more learning to expand my emotional intelligence. Serendipitously, I was also being nurtured in my work life as well. I was blessed with great leaders and employers throughout my career who provided professional development training for their employees. The greatest results came when I invested in myself through deep one-on-one work with therapists and life coaches, and participated in longer intensive workshops and programs like the ones offered by Fab Fempreneurs. It was during one of these intensive programs that I FINALLY broke through my fear of being an entrepreneur.

Little did I know that these experiences were the stepping stones of my yellow brick road to a pot of gold where I found my passion and purpose and most importantly gained the confidence to take the entrepreneurial leap and launch my business.

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Now, two years in, it continues to help me daily as a female founder navigating the challenges of raising venture capital in a very male dominated world while growing and defining my leadership style as a first-time CEO.

The entrepreneurship roller coaster ride means a lot of emotional ups and down while wearing many hats and working crazy hours. And it’s easy to blow off the very things that keep us sane and stress free during the ride; not to mention the things that help us grow as leaders and grow our business. But here it is, plain and simple-

If you want to see exponential results in your life and business, you must make Y-O-U a priority.

Here are some tips to help you do just that.

  1. Approach personal development like your life depends on it. Each of the pivotal moments where I yielded the biggest breakthroughs and results were times when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and then made a serious commitment to do whatever it took to change. When you get to that point, fear will turn into courage and Nike’s adage “Just Do It” will take root. It is taking that mindset and applying it regularly as a power shield to lean into moments of fear or resistance you encounter as an entrepreneur. The more you do it, the more confident you feel.

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  1. Make ‘Me Tyme’ a bite size daily habit. Watching an hour of Oprah every day taught me the importance of making self-care a daily practice. An hour has been replaced with multiple practices that take a total of 30 minutes or less and are scheduled throughout the day. For example, I use a timer to meditate for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 15-minutes. I schedule blog readings in 15 minute increments or listen to books on Audible while driving to meetings. I watch our Me Time Minute & Guru videos all of which are 1 to 2 minutes in length. Scheduling activities in minute increments allows you to get them all done without feeling like it’s a chore or guilty for taking time away from work or family.
  1. Never let the “thought” of money stand in your way. Limiting belief statements such as, “I can’t afford it” keep you stuck in a rut. Instead, think and say, “I will find a way.” Making a declaration with intention will propel you into action. For example, the first program I attended cost $500 which I didn’t have. I asked the program provider if I could reserve and make payments for a date 3 months out. They said yes. In my experience, the one-on-one work with professionals is really where the magic happens. Make a commitment to do deep work with a therapist or coach for 3 months or attend a program twice a year.  Then, create a “Me Tyme” education fund and put a percentage of your earnings towards it each month. Think of development as a line item in your budget like you do for groceries or the gym each month. You need food and exercise to nourish your physical well-being. Similarly, you need personal development training to nourish your mental and emotional well-being.

Giving yourself permission to invest in your development each day will not only reduce stress and anxiety, it will also lead to more joy, productivity, clarity, and creativity. Besides, aren’t roller coaster rides supposed to be exhilarating? So why not let your ride as an entrepreneur be the thrill of a lifetime. You deserve it!


launch my businessRemy Meraz is the founder and CEO of Me Tyme Network, a self-help video on demand provider to help you think and feel better anytime, anywhere. She is passionate about all things related to women, diversity, emotional intelligence, and mental health, and has made it her life mission to change millions of lives globally every day…one minute at a time.