There are many fabulous business success tips out there, especially at the start of a New Year. Instead of listing all the great ideas I could summon, if I could offer just one tip to build a better business this year it’s this:

Create a vision that inspires.

build a better businessUnfortunately the word “vision” seems to have garnered either a very formal, somewhat sterile definition (as in a business plan for potential capital) or a nebulous, new-agey definition with little tangibility. I am not a fan of either. While you may need a formal business plan vision statement, as a fempreneur who is defining her path for the year you want a vision that both inspires and guides.  And, neither of the previous versions seem to satisfy both. I am all about what works! I encourage you to explore what that is for you.

For me, what does the job well is a written description of words, images and possibly a couple of paragraphs of what I want to be true one year from now, in my business and quality of life. What resulted from that exercise this year was a colorful depiction on a piece of flip chart paper which hangs prominently on my office wall. Instead of paragraphs there are some bullet lists in a few corners surrounded by stick figure drawings and a few symbols that visually convey the meaning of each part of my vision. (Note: this is a great way to bring both Head and Heart to your vision process!).

Have you ever heard other people talking about their “word for the year”? I have because I’m one of those people. Take your vision to the next level by choosing your word or phrase (or a few) that encapsulates your vision for the entire year. Each new calendar year offers an opportunity to intentionally set forth a theme, and most likely your vision statement offers such a word or phrase. To choose yours, take a step back from your statement, review it and let it come to you from the overall sense you get from reading it. Or, think about what you want more of in your business (e.g. support and connection or passion and fun) and choose the most compelling words or phrases that come to mind. Whatever your word or phrase, it should feel good when you say it and move you to do something. My words for 2014 are Serving and Explode. I want to continuously be SERVING others in a meaningful way, and I want to see my business EXPLODE with positive growth and impact.

What are your words? I want to hear them! Please leave a comment below. And, if this post was helpful please share it with others.

So you have a vision for the year, now what? You’ve got to decide what you will do to make your vision come true. To discover how to do that and the seven important questions that fempreneurs must ask themselves in order to build a better business, download the Fab Fempreneurs ebook now.