The way you create a healthy mindset and market yourself or your company is a balancing act that takes time and will continue to grow. Knowing your brand personality will help you present yourself online and off line. Today on the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast show, we speak with founder of Unite Socially, Cheryl Hawley about mindset and marketing for entrepreneurs. Unite Socially is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in the beauty and wellness industry. Cheryl Hawley is an expert in creating B2B relationships, digital content marking strategies and brand story telling. To connect with Cheryl further, please contact her here.


In this episode, we cover:


  1. Balance between online and offline networking Mindset is who you are online and offline. Cheryl is an avid yogi in her community. When she is practicing in person, she connects with like minded people who appreciate the beauty and wellness space which are her clients’ target market. Since most networking is online now due to COVID-19, she recommends being selective about what online events you participate in. the topics and the speakers to determine if it is worth your energy. Once you know this information, you can thrive at that event.

2. Writing down and speaking goals. Writing down your goal(s) will make you more likely to achieve them. More importantly, speaking those goals back to yourself in a tone that is loving will help you get into a good mindset. Self compassion is what is needed to navigate the frantic space of entrepreneurship during 2020. Ask yourself “How can I better serve my clients and pivot my marketing strategies?” Be positive in your adjectives and verbiage.

 3.  Resources and tips for branding your business. Create a brand personality and key adjectives that describe your brand. Those adjectives can be included in your marketing to sell for example in the brand’s social media and website. Drive specific points to sell back to your website. For example selling tickets to an event or a book, you want to promote via social media and have the consumer link back to a specific page on your website-that will sell that for you.




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