The process of growing your business just got easier

Does ANY of this sound familiar?

 You’ve been trying all kinds of things to grow your business, but you’re STILL not getting the results you want…

 You have lots of ideas to grow your business, but you’re OVERWHELMED with where to start…

You’ve made progress and grown your business, but feel STUCK in place and READY TO SHIFT into your next level, but are UNCLEAR what that looks like…

If it does, then you already know how frustrating it can be trying to get the right help to grow your business

That’s why we created the Sweet Spot Membership Club

 There’s so many stories of Fab Fempreneurs who are passionate and determined to grow their business and help more people, but feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or uncertain about success, thanks to:

“Big name gurus” who only offer support if you spend tens of thousands of dollars or “buy the whole program”

Well-meaning professionals with a specialized/favorite area of expertise who fail to see your whole picture and instead try to “fix” your business with an overly narrow approach (e.g. network more and you’ll be set!)

“Coaches” who insist you focus on “manifesting your goals and results” and lack the tangible steps, tools, and strategies to go along with spiritual approaches

Much-needed tools and resources being financially inaccessible or very difficult to find as you try to weed through all the stuff “out there”

Thankfully, all of that is behind you…

Here’s what you can expect from this powerfully supportive membership program:

The Fab Fempreneurs Community (Online & Offline).

As a Fab Fempreneurs Member you get automatic access granted into our private online Facebook community of proactive fempreneurs who are excited about making a difference and taking their business forward. It’s the perfect place to share challenges, request recommendations for resources or referrals, get feedback on your idea, and find the support and the boost you need. Offline, join us at our quarterly business happy hour mixers! It’s just the right mix- you’ll make connections, have femfabulous fun, have a chance to win a highly desired gift in the special opportunity drawings, and give back to the community. You don’t have to go it alone!

Exclusive Access to Business Building Content.

You’ll get access to DIY courses, LIVE monthly coaching webinars, coaching videos, get-it-done downloads, business building forms and checklists, and how-to guides, all in one member-only portal. If you’re unable to make it to something “LIVE” you don’t have to worry- it’ll be uploaded for you to download when you’re ready. Access to the right strategies and tools at the right time.

Business Coaching Guidance.

Every month you get access to participate in a LIVE webinar that addresses business hot topics ranging from how to set your fees, to ways to be more productive, to delegating to your team, to expanding your vision for growth. Plus, you’ll receive power coaching videos and member-only tips sent directly to your inbox to support you to stay on track with your goals. Sometimes you also need personalized coaching support when you need extra clarity or guidance, and as a member you get exclusive access to opt-in for private coaching at a VIP rate. To book your POP UP Sessions be sure to select the Private POP UP Session option at check out!

Accountability and Resources to Get Results.

Growing your business requires action, and that’s why each month you have access to your monthly Get-It-Done download to implement the monthly webinar strategy in your business right away. Participate in member-only 5-Day Take Action Challenges where you’ll commit to accomplishing 3 specific goals, get focused, and report in on your progress. As a result, you make significant strides in your business that week. Short focused bursts of progress can transform your business!

Exclusive Opportunities for Visibility and Support.

Get an exclusive members-only opportunity to be interviewed on the Fab Fempreneurs podcast for newer and established fempreneurs worldwide. Share your brilliance to make a difference while getting exposure to build your audience. If you’re more of a writer, be a guest blogger on the Fab Fempreneurs website and share your expertise. As a member, take advantage of free tickets to signature workshops and webinars, and special VIP rates/first access for special events, and new products and programs.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by enrolling in the Sweet Spot Membership Club, simply click the button to join us…

Monthly Membership

ONLY $69 per month

* Recurring monthly payment- cancel any time * No enrollment fee

Annual Membership

ONLY $699 per year

TWO months free! * No enrollment fee

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is this membership program different from others out there?
The Sweet Spot Membership Program is built on the understanding that you need support to get and stay focused, and have guidance and accountability as you grow your business. The membership has been designed to support you with creating a roadmap, accountability, tools & resources, and support. It can get lonely and overwhelming trying to grow your business alone. The good news is you don’t have to! We understand that you may not be ready for private coaching and need something more affordable you can take advantage of at your own pace, and implement what you need when you need it. 
What types of topics will be covered in the live training and coaching calls?
Every month we will select a hot topic for the month which we’ll discuss during our live call. This topic will be the focus for implementation efforts throughout the month to develop your business and yourself as a fempreneur. Topics will include broad to very specific areas of growing your business from developing a unique vision for your business, setting meaningful goals, navigating your plan to grow your business, asking for help (delegation!), setting boundaries in business, getting and staying focused, time management & productivity, and more.
Will I get 1 on 1 time with Sara as part of the Sweet Spot Membership Club?
Private coaching is a separate service level from the Membership Club. If you’d like to work with Sara privately you can set up a consultation to see what private coaching option is best for you. As part of any ongoing private coaching arrangement you automatically receive membership status in the Membership Club.
What if I can’t make the LIVE monthly calls?
Good news! All monthly calls will be recorded and uploaded to the private member portal for easy access when you’re ready. Be sure to mark your calendar in advance for the calls so you can participate LIVE and get an opportunity to interact with me and other members on key business topics. Like most memberships you are responsible to make the most of the resources and opportunities provided (and there are lots!).
Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time if you decide that it’s not working for you. Membership cancellation requires a 30-day cancellation notice. Upon cancellation request if less than 10 days away from the monthly membership due date your next monthly payment will be processed on your next due date and you will have full access for a final month of membership.
If I decide that I no longer want to be a member can I get a refund for that month? What if I paid up-front, can I get a prorated refund?
There are no refunds under any circumstances. This membership is an intentional commitment to invest in your business and grow. It’s up to you to utilize what’s offered in a way that feels most beneficial. If you are not sure that you will stay committed for an entire year please choose the monthly membership option.
Can I promote my services or products to other members?
We encourage introducing yourself and your business in our Facebook community. We also encourage networking and getting to know other members. However, we prohibit promotional posts in the Facebook community (unless prompted by us) and request a good judgement policy whereby you can proceed accordingly if someone is asking to learn more. Please do not add anyone to your “list” without their consent. The community online and offline is not a sales-fest where business cards are thrown around and sales pitches shoved into faces. Any business done between members is of course fabulous and should be done in a professional manner. Fab Fempreneurs is not responsible and holds no liability for any agreements or transactions between members.
Sara has the perfect combination of business know-how and real experience, yet incredibly warm and personable, making business fun to talk and learn about.
Kim Herrlein

Owner, Insight Seeker

The Sweet Spot Membership is ideal for you if:

✔ You need step-by-step tools focused on specific topics ✔ You need more focus and are ready to feel more productive as you work your business each day ✔ You are newer in business OR you’ve been in business for several years and you’re at a stage where small improvements can make a big difference in building momentum- overall or in specific areas ✔ You enjoy being online and are good at downloading tools and forms and using them ✔ You are already active on Facebook and you value sharing and learning with other women entrepreneurs and are willing to be proactive in the members-only Facebook community

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by enrolling in the Sweet Spot Membership Club, simply click the button to join us…

Monthly Membership

ONLY $69 per month

* Recurring monthly payment- cancel any time * No enrollment fee

Annual Membership

ONLY $699 per year

*TWO months free! * No enrollment fee