Are You Ready for Your UPGRADE?

You’re ready for your next level!

You may already feel like you are “shifting into” your next level, but want and need others around you who are in the same stage or desire to move into theirs.

Your current results and experiences are no longer as satisfying, nor fulfilling, and you’re ready for MORE…

MORE money, more enjoyment, and more impact. You know you’re capable of so much more and you’re COMPELLED to make it happen.


You’re done with scrambling to find your next client, and ready to shift attention toward things like:


  • Duplicating your impact through a signature program, and online course, or full-day workshop
  • Leveraging your time through group offerings
  • Expanding and/or developing your team
  • Getting more done through delegating
  • Offering higher-end options at premium prices
  • Retaining clients through “next-step” offerings
  • Upgrading your revenue goals to fully live life
  • Systematizing and automating wherever possible to have more free time
  • Expanding your reach and impact overall
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to do something that will make a big difference in your life and in others’ lives








You’re ready to FOCUS more strategically. You’re ready to have some go-getter Fab Fempreneurs beside you who are ALSO working on their businesses in BIG ways that might completely shift your thinking and give you exciting ideas.

AlAlthough you’ve successfully created ways to gain clients, you could be stuck offering just one option. OR you’re stuck in 1-on-1 mode serving a limited number of people and at your capacity. You’re ready for real leverage (and more fulfillment and impact)!

You may still be charging hourly, don’t have a clear set of packages, or have prices that are TOO low, keeping you stuck in place. Not to mention, you’re probably spending too much time and energy on “stuff” you desperately want to offload, but aren’t sure what to delegate first (and when) and want to be intentional about where you direct your investments back into your business so you can REALLY leverage it, while creating more of the life you desire…


And I know what it’s like to be ready for your next level, where you’re making more money easier, impacting more people, and leveraging yourself and your time.
It’s amazing to be in that spot where you’re ready for your next level, but it’s also challenging if you don’t have enough leverage created in your business, assistance, support, or guidance!
Since launching Fab Fempreneurs in 2012, I’ve been able to create a unique brand for business success, a curriculum-based signature program in which I’ve enrolled hundreds of private clients at a premium rate AND coaching groups for greater leverage, launch an international online business membership, build my go-to team members, meet growth-minded and supportive women, have more free time, and make more money much easier.
Growth is an ongoing endeavor and I continue to find new ways to leverage myself and my time further to reach more people, achieve even greater results and impact, and have more fun, free time, and fulfillment.
What would your life and business be like if you could shift into your next level and UPGRADE in a big way?
If that idea excites you, you’re here for a reason! I’ve been there and I know how to guide you to next level results and through the process of the UPGRADE!


My participation with Sara’s Mastermind community came at a perfect time for me in my business. I was able to implement with the help of the group’s idea sharing and collaborative minds, new business ideas and ways to grow the business and streamline processes, along with implement new technology to create more efficiency- to work smarter not longer.

Sara was an extraordinary facilitator and kept the group focused, inspired and empowered! Over the course of just 6 months, not only did I actually accomplish so many milestones in my business, I saw concrete revenue increases as a direct result of the efforts that came from this mastermind.”

Stephanie San Antonio

Owner & President, SSA Insurance Services

It’s time to the impact and results you CRAVE, along with the support, accountability, and leverage!



UPGRADE is right for you if:


✔ You are serious about growing your business beyond “just another sale”

✔ You are ready for- and KNOW you NEED- a full day per quarter dedicated to your business to: evaluate your business, celebrate success, make adjustments that will make revenue increase and greater impact much easier, clarify your next steps, and share this dynamic process with others.

✔ You are ready to commit to meeting with a monthly business bff peer group to stay on track and be held accountable

✔ You are ready to focus your efforts even further so you can reach bigger goals and your next revenue level

✔ You can see some of your path forward, but could use more clarity, direction, and accountability so you can stress less and enjoy your life & business more

"Sara's mastermind program helped me take my business to the next level. Sara’s knowledge and guidance on each business component allowed me to get out of the weeds and think more strategically. The camaraderie and accountability ensured the follow through required happened. I am pleased with the renewed focus and have made huge steps in my business as a result."

Stephanie Robbins

Owner, Robbins Interactive


Annual Payment of $1,997 or

$199 per month



Get step-by-step guidance and peer feedback to strategically grow your business each quarter
Get LIVE, On the Spot Coaching from Sara during optional spotlight sessions
*Breakfast bites and a full lunch are provided

Be matched up with compatible fempreneurs for intimate monthly peer group meetings

Be a guest blogger OR get interviewed on the podcast show!
Get first-in-line sponsorship opportunities for special events

Private “POP UP” Coaching Sessions at a VIP rate: Three 1-hour sessions for just $397
Book your sessions as needed over a 6 month period

Courses, action forms, and webinars

You’re SO close to creating MORE LEVERAGE in your business and making a BIGGER IMPACT.



✔ APPLY to become a member.

✔ After you apply, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been received, and providing that you meet the basic criteria, you will be invited to have a Zoom call with Sara.

✔ Once you speak with Sara and you’re approved as a member, you will be matched to your peer mastermind group (your go-to business BFFs) of 2-3 other women.

✔ You’ll receive the annual calendar with all planned event information, along with new member information and goodies!

✔ You’ll be off and meeting with your peer mastermind group and looking forward to our next 1-day retreat!

Here’s How it Works:

You know you’re already successful.

You’re good at what you do and have already proven you can get clients and make money. But, you know you can’t keep doing things the same way if you’re going to get your message out there for a bigger impact, scale your business, and reach your dream revenue goals. It’s time to be the Fab Fempreneur who enjoys her business and life more and gets the guidance and support to make the impact you crave.

Please complete your application to speak with Sara
about joining this growth-minded community of women.