Grouping, Building and Harvesting While Running

The title I chose for this article might have triggered “what?” in your mind. That is what January was like for me– grouping, building and harvesting—all while running. As a fempreneur, I set out to hit the ground running on January 1, 2013 with my plan in place. That is exactly what I did- I ran through January—but with my eyes wide open.

Often, the reality of running a business while simultaneously filling many other roles, can feel like a nonstop marathon. Busyness can be the norm; however, busyness with productive results to show for your effort is extremely satisfying. Thankfully, that is the kind of busy I had in January. It was just what I needed to get a strong start to the New Year and give me energy to build on my early success (small victories lead to greater ones!). Here are the three essential elements that supported me to have a busy– yet fabulously productive- January that you may like to duplicate, whatever the month may be:

First group your ideas, plans and resources. I had my goals set for the year with my action steps listed for January. I gathered those in my mind and reviewed them as written on my growth plan. Then I considered what tools and resources were needed to make my goals happen. I planned each week and day accordingly to support me in getting closer to my goal and dealt with any barriers along the way, and I coach my clients to do the same. Someone once told me, “Life is lived one day at a time, not one goal at a time”, and that serves as a reminder to break my goals into manageable, doable steps. This requires thought and preparation, but well worth the investment.

Second, take steps to set foundations, build and create. That may mean you need to build relationships, or develop knowledge and skills needed to see your goals through. I knew I needed to consult with others to accomplish some of my actions for January. I held a team meeting with my go-to vendors to share with them my plans for the year to grow my business, and they offered valuable insights, ideas and support. It was the first time I had considered building on and creating through the relationships I had developed, and it was brilliant. Perhaps you need to make time to build or create to grow your business or reach your specific goal. If so, what possibilities can you see?

Third, harvest your work as you go, and when you complete something. Take stock of your observations, completed tasks and experiences as you are running your race. I did not know exactly how all my meetings, follow up calls, new client sessions and speaking engagements would go, nor what all the resulting opportunities would be, but I did not want to run through them with my eyes closed from one thing to the next without digesting my experiences.

This can be the most challenging part- taking moments to collect what you are learning in the thick of it all, as you work toward a goal or milestone. It is tempting for many fempreneurs I know to stay busy and fail to implement genius ideas that can come out of this stage, in part because it requires slowing down and feels like switching gears from 5th gear to 2nd gear (frustrating for high achievers). That is what is deceptive about carving out time to do this- it is not wasting time, not losing progress, but working smarter. It is these times that will allow you to continue to see ways to works smarter, not just fast, so you have more choice over how you spend your time and money, or not.

While growing a productive business and feeling successful can feel like a marathon, be sure to take much needed breaks to recharge. Even trained marathon runners take breaks from running to re-energize, gain perspective and enjoy other interests—all of which makes them better, well-rounded runners.


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