how to be more productive in your business

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How to Be More Productive in Your Business

How many times have you wished you had more time in your day? I have many times, and that’s when I remind myself that it’s time to revisit what helps me feel productive and less pressed for time.

There are times throughout your business growth journey when you have extra things happening and may indeed be “pressed for time”. However, productivity is all about priority management and being clear on what matters most each day. So, how do you determine what matters most every day to your business success? In a nutshell, it’s the action steps and opportunities that best connect you with the goals you’ve set and the outcomes and experiences you are creating in and through your business.

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When you have confidence that you have spent the day focusing on the things that matter most to your business success, you are most likely to feel productive. Simultaneously, there’s no one single picture of productivity for every fempreneur; productivity is subjective. You’ve got to decide what the right things are for you to complete and how many. Typically, 3-5 tasks each day in addition to your appointments is manageable, and that depends on your appointment load and how long each tasks takes, among other factors.

Productivity can look different from day to day. You can accomplish 2 things one day and 6 things another still feel equally productive both days. Interesting right?! So, it’s not just about the quantity of items you can fit into a day; it’s about the importance and relevance of the tasks you do complete/work on.

So, how can you start to feel more productive today?

Find out how to be more productive in your business in the following video where I recently shared the “3 Common Productivity Pitfalls and How to Fix Them” with MeTyme Network:

If you’d like my support on getting clear on your business direction and/or determine what your specific priorities should be so you can feel more productive, I invite you to set up a coaching consultation.