There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life where they meet a fork in the road: to continue working in the corporate world or embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. For Barbara Maisonet, she had been let go from her 9-5, she had a decision to make, find another corporate job or be her own boss. She chose the latter and never looked back! Barbara was introduced to life coaching by a friend and that sparked her interest in becoming a Life and Business Coach for entrepreneurs, small business owners and CEOs. On the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show, Barbara shares her inside tips on how entrepreneurs can use “stages” to gain more leads by 

honing in on where your ideal clients are at and showing up there with consistency. To connect with Barbara further, please visit



In this episode, we cover:


1) Choose which offline, online and non-traditional stages you want to use to bring in new leads.

These should be a great way to market yourself and a good way for people to know you. Where are your leads “hanging out” and where are your potential ideal clients?


2) Remind yourself- that potential clients/customers want to experience YOU (your vibe, your professionalism, your knowledge, etc) BEFORE they purchase… which “stage” will allow your ideal client to experience YOU?

How are their experiences with you? Do they feel a connection? Put yourself out there in a way that your leads can experience you. Don’t commit to 10 different marketing strategies-  show up consistently with your look, vibe and personality. People will notice as you grow and what you do consistently. 


3) Where can you rise up to become a hero and use this opportunity to be a “stage” for you to shine FIRST before you introduce your business?

Whatever you choose, do it well & consistent. Add value. Measuring that you got out of your comfort zone.  Know your offer your lead gets to choose regardless of the outcome, the important thing is to put yourself out there. 


4) Be consistent with providing opportunities for your next client to see you, hear you and experience you- especially if you’re in a saturated market space.


5) Challenge yourself to step outside your Comfort Zone with speaking- ask yourself, if I was my ideal client, what would I want to see and hear before I buy?




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