What do you prioritize as an entrepreneur?

know what to prioritize in your business

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I get that question a lot in different forms. Two common versions are:

  • With so much to do how do I know what to prioritize? and
  • What should I prioritize when everything feels important?!

Here are 3 tips to get crystal clear on what matters most to grow your business and reach those fab goals:

  1. Get down and dirty with your goals! If you have clear and specific goals, that means you have the material to determine exactly what’s most important. After all, you set your goals for a reason. If you have a goals that seems no longer relevant see my previous blog post. Review your goals and decide what goal you want to make progress on this week. Then choose ONE or TWO action steps to take toward that goal. Make those action steps a higher priority than optional activities or opportunities that come up during the week. [Tweet “Get down and dirty with your goals! #prioritize #Fempreneurs @FabFempreneurs”]
  2. Have a decision making tool. As a fempreneur you’re faced with gobs of opportunities to learn, network and grow your business in some way; have a question ready to help yourself make quick decisions that keep you focused, productive and help you know what to prioritize in your business. For example, “Is this a today thing, or a next week thing?” or “Is this in line with my plan, and if so where does it fit?” Consider other factors when deciding whether to continue, stop or start something– whether you enjoy it, whether it adds to your bottom line, and whether it feels right “in your gut”.
  3. Get accountability and support. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in your business and feel overwhelmed by it all. If you’re just needing an outside perspective to bust through a barrier, ask a fempreneur peer to meet with you and have an accountability exchange. If you’re needing a more committed source of support and guidance, join a dynamic group coaching program to get the accountability, ideas, and structure you need; OR, if you’re ready to make a greater investment in yourself and your business consider private coaching to get personalized guidance, accountability and the revenue generating ideas you need.

Which one are you going to try first?

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