How To Ask For And Use Feedback About Your Business

Part Three: Using Feedback to Take Action

Feedback is an essential component to improving your products, services, and client relationships. In this three-part blog series, I’ll explain how to gather, assess, and implement feedback to make your business even better!

Welcome to the final post in my blog series, How To Ask For And Use Feedback About Your Business. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you should have gathered feedback and then taken the time to capture, organize, and review that feedback. Now, we get to the exciting action step where you take the insights harvested from your feedback to strengthen your business.

Here are my top tips on implementing feedback to strengthen your business:

Say thank you. Before you begin implementing change in your business, take a moment to appreciate the people who gave you their time, thoughts, and goodwill. Be sure to say thank you in a way that matches their investment and their relationship to you. This could be as simple as a handwritten thank you note or a small gift card to a retailor they like. If you have a face-to-face meeting, it goes without saying that you should cover the cost of food and drinks.

Decide what needs to happen. The feedback you receive can be interesting and insightful, but it’s not going to help you strengthen your business unless you act on it. So, after reviewing, clarifying, and digesting the information you received from your “informants,” decide what actions need to be taken.

Sometimes identifying action items will be easy – respondents will point out specific areas where you can strengthen your business like faster response times or make clear suggestions like a new service they wished you offered. In other cases, you may have to think deeper about what the feedback means. If your respondents say your services are too expensive, they may actually be saying that you haven’t convinced them of the value of your service. You could also interpret this as an opportunity to introduce a more basic, lower-cost version of your service.

Generate a list and prioritize. As you commit to specific action items to strengthen your business, write them down. The idea is to improve as a result of the feedback- improve your leadership, your business operations, or your product or service.

You may find your list growing exponentially as each big idea generates dozens of smaller action items. When your list is completed, you’ll need to decide what actions are most impactful to your goals and prioritize accordingly. Try to establish deadlines for your top priorities to help organize your time.

Check yourself. Once you have implemented or started implementing actions based on the feedback you gathered, schedule time to review how things are going. Consider doing a 30-day or 60-day initial review of how the implementation process is going and then a review farther down the road to assess the results of the changes. Did you complete your actions? What has the impact been on your business? Is there anything on your action items list that still needs to be tackled?

Pay it forward. After this process, you should understand the value of thoughtful feedback and appreciate the time people invested to support you and help you strengthen your business. Whenever possible, take the time to support others with your feedback (as long as they’re open to it!).

If you haven’t yet started asking for feedback for your business, make sure you go back and read the previous posts in this series, Part One: Get The 411, and Part Two: What The Heck To Do With All This Feedback? Then get to work!

Let me know your results. In the comments section of this blog, tell me what changes you are making to strengthen your business based on the feedback that you are received. Also, feel free to give me feedback on this or any of my other blogs. I’d love to hear from more readers.


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