As you are building your business you may encounter challenges or roadblocks and feel unsure about how to take your business to the next level. Here are four common scenarios that female entrepreneurs may encounter and what to do about them:

Scenario 1

Problem: It’s all a bit of a crap-shoot. You’re probably busy working hard on your business, right? You may still feel excited about your business, but are unsure about what is working and what’s not. You are determined to be successful, but what does that really mean for you? You may not even have a clear plan to “be successful” in your business. Oh, the humanity!

Solution: Get your Head in the game! That means making time and space for strategizing- to be intentional about what efforts make sense and which ones do not. If you are not sure about your direction or what you want to accomplish Head in the gamethrough your business, it’s time to get clear. Your hard work and effort could be in vain if you’re just guessing about what to do and scattering too many activities, just hoping that something will work. Get some direction and then create a plan to get there. Carve out designated time for this in your schedule and guard it with your life. You are worth it. And be sure your mindset matches your ambition…great minds achieve great things!

Scenario 2

Problem: You’re feeling burnout (or close to it). You were once passionate about your business and doing what you love, but lately you’ve “lost that lov’n feeling.” With all the hard work, long hours and driving yourself to meet your goals, you are exhausted and don’t see how you can do this much longer. You may find yourself saying, “I need a break” or “I need a vacation!” What gives? Is it time to quit? Hardly.  

Solution: Have a Heart! Bring back the passion, lady! It’s still there…somewhere. You need to reconnect with why you started your business and the difference you want to make. Write or draw it on paper to get it flowing from your mHave a heartind and heart. If you’ve been in business for a few years you probably like being an entrepreneur and the independence, freedom and choices that brings. Woohoo! However, when you get caught up in the day-to-day and focus only on reaching your goals, it’s easy to lose sight of the heart of your business. Keep that drive and determination, but add some passion into the mix to feel more balance and less burnout. What inspires you? Start bringing more of that inspiration into your life and business. You’ll feel more passion, energy and creativity to go with all of that drive.

Scenario 3

Problem: You are frustrated. You have been working hard to grow your business and just don’t get why it’s not happening for you. You may have some goals and you really believe in your product or service. You might even have a great group of professional connections, clients or service providers that are supportive of your entrepreneurial path. You are ready to make it happen! However, instead of working on a client project or following up with a big opportunity, you play a favorite game on your phone, or busy yourself by cleaning out email or doing dishes. So what’s the deal?

Solution: Make your Habits work for you! Reaching your ambitious and inspiring Make your habits work for youbusiness goals doesn’t happen without action. It requires taking consistent action steps that directly align with the path you’ve defined for your business. Your daily habits are often what make or break your ability to reach your goals. So, check your daily habits and see how they are helping or hindering you in moving forward. Then, make the appropriate adjustments, and soon you’ll be feeling much less frustrated and much more fabulous!

Scenario 4

Problem: You’re feeling a sense of overwhelm. You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to do all that’s required to accomplish my goals by end of year?” Or, you may find that you’re spending way more hours than you’d like on administrative details that take away from your creative energy for revenue generating activities. You could even feel isolated, disconnected or (gasp!) depressed as you work hard behind the scenes to do everything to make your business operate. Are you getting the picture?

Solution: Choose your Hub wisely! You don’t have to be a fab fempreneur all alone. In fact, in order toChoose your Hub wisely grow your business and be most focused, fulfilled and financially successful (all 3!) you WILL need the services of others, to reach out and connect with people for ideas, resources and assistance, and to delegate appropriately.  You need not do it all at once. Start with the small step of acknowledging that you won’t find and keep your sweet spot all by your lonesome. Start connecting with people and places that support you and your goals, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the 4 scenarios above? If so, you may not be hitting your sweet spot. That means you’re missing out! Take the first step by trying the solutions presented above.

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