checklist1Happy June! You made it halfway through the year to the long, warm and sunny days of summer. You might be tempted to stretch out in the hammock and relax. Go ahead, listen to the birds chirp, and the warm sun on your skin, but don’t let your business fall asleep while you’re relaxing away.

The halfway point of the year is the perfect time to take inventory of all the goals you made in January to see how you’re doing on taking your life and your business to the next level. You remember all the way back to January don’t you? This was going to be the year where you aimed for the stars and took your business up, up and away!

Don’t stall out now! Get your hands on your list of goals (which should be easy if you’ve got them in a highly visual place), give yourself at least an hour and take inventory using the steps below. Before you get started, make sure you approach this process with an open mind. The goal inventory is not a time to judge or criticize yourself. It is an opportunity to assess progress and recalibrate where necessary.

Acknowledge Progress

Review each goal and determine how much progress you’ve made. If you used the SMART system, it should be relatively easy to determine your current status and compare it to specifics of the goal. If your goal timing is a year, for example, then ask yourself if you are at or close to the halfway point. If not, then you need to determine what is holding you back or if you simply need to recalibrate your goal. If you are on track with your goals give yourself permission to celebrate your success.

Check Your Habits

If you aren’t making as much progress toward your year goals as you’d like, take a look at what you typically do each day or week. The only way you can reach a goal is to intentionally do things that will connect you with that goal and to minimize the stuff (e.g. administrative tasks, bookkeeping, social media) that is not directly connected to your goal. It really is that simple. Examine your daily routine and see what you might adjust to better support progress toward your goals.

A powerful habit you must develop if you haven’t already, is to decide now that for the rest of the year you will review your goals each month. Schedule time in your calendar if needed, and keep that appointment. You wrote them for a reason, so let them guide you in what you actually do each month, and by year’s end you’ll be seeing lots more progress.

Recalibrate Your Goals

Unless you are an utter superstar, you might be falling behind on a few of your goals. It happens, which is why June is the perfect time to recalibrate some of your goals if necessary. If you are not on target with a goal that means something isn’t working. It may be that you simply need more time than you imagined to complete your goal. If you aren’t hitting certain metrics, consider lowering them. This isn’t defeat, it’s reality. A goal isn’t useful if it’s too high for you to achieve with the resources that you have.

In other cases, a goal may no longer be relevant. For instance, you may have had a goal to spend five hours a week marketing Product A, but during the year maybe Product B took off and it made a lot more sense to throw your marketing efforts behind that. Or, conversely, maybe your aging mother had to move in with you and you found that you had to use some of your marketing time to take care of her.

Life happens. Give yourself some slack when needed and don’t be afraid to get rid of goals that are no longer relevant. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of goals you have, consider putting some on the backburner so you can give your focus to those that are the most valuable and achievable to you.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Sometimes reaching an important goal, one that would really take your business to the next stage, can require you to get tough with your choices and focus. At mid-year adjust your focus, time and energy on activities that will “bring you

home”. If the bases are loaded but you slow down on your follow up, setting appointments or relationship building, you may strike out and have to try another inning. Make time for both marketing and sales (the lifeblood of your business) and working to develop your business (improving a process, implementing a new tool, upgrading your website, creating a new product/service), and find the balance that’s right for you, your goals, and your progress.

No matter where you are with your yearly goals, remember that we are at the halfway point. You’ve been given six months to make big progress, but you also have six more months to cross that finish line. If you are on track, then don’t slow down now. Maintain your momentum, dig deep to keep your motivation hot, and keep celebrating each milestone. If you have fallen behind or lost sight of your goals in the hub-bub of everyday life, then recommit now. Right now. You can do a lot in six months. Keep your goals visible and take time each day to re-motivate yourself. Don’t give up!

If you need help staying on track with your goals, consider creating a vision board or bringing a trusted professional friend on board to keep you honest and motivated. If you want a professional push, my some private business coaching

could do just the trick.