Part One: What Drives You? 

Have you ever felt dissatisfied, frustrated, unfulfilled, worried, and that you’re not making your desired impact? Sounds like you’ve lost your mojo. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and in this three-part series, I’ll give you some great tips on getting your mojo back!

As an entrepreneur your success is heavily influenced by your ability to continually be and bring your best. If you are low on mojo, you won’t be anywhere near your best, and your clients and customers may start to notice. In the first part of my mojo series, I ask a powerful question that can help you get your mojo back:

What Drives You?

Sometimes, a lack of mojo can stem from a loss of focus and motivation. To get your mojo back, you just need to find whatever it is that drives you and then hold on tight to that spark.

Each of us needs something in our life to reach for. Goals give us purpose; a reason to wake up in the morning, brush our teeth and head out the door. Without goals, we may be breathing, but we aren’t really alive.

Tony Robbins, one of the most driven and motivational people on the planet, believes that there are six human needs that drive us. Two of these needs directly relate to fulfillment. They are growth and contribution.

I think Tony is definitely on the right track. If you are struggling to find your mojo, you may have lost sight of opportunities to grow in different areas of your life, or you may feel like you haven’t been contributing to an important cause.


The desire for growth is a huge motivator. If you don’t see areas in your life where you can grow, then you might need to make some big changes. Think about your career, your relationships, your spirituality and the experiences you’ve had in your life. Where do you want to grow in each of these areas?

Are you completely stagnant in your career? Then consider going back to school and learning about a field that has always intrigued you, or maybe you can do something on the side that you have a passion for, such as photography, jewelry making or yoga instruction.

What about your personal relationships? Do you have the deep connection with your spouse and children that you want? Do you keep in regular contact with your friends? Remember, relationships require care and management or they’ll wither.

It is never too late to grow in any area of your life. If you’ve been talking about traveling for the past ten years, make it a goal to visit one new country a year no matter what it takes!


Another big reason that you may be missing your mojo is that you feel you are not able to contribute to something important. Think of how you can contribute, and let that drive you forward. Pick a cause you care about and volunteer. Find a project that needs doing at home and do it. Sit down with your children and see how you can help guide them through the difficulties that they may be facing at school or in life.

Don’t expect others to ask for your help or beg for your wisdom. You need to actively seek ways to contribute and put yourself in a position where your special skills and experience are valuable.

Determine your drivers

Take some time right now if you can (or come back to it today) and think about the things that drive you. What do you really care about? Think about what drives you in your business (ex. Helping customers with your skills, hitting your profit goals, winning big contracts, etc…), your personal life (ex. Going to every one of your daughter’s soccer games, keeping a date night with your husband each Friday, reading a new book each month), your spiritual life (ex. Attending your place of worship, praying at night, keeping your temper, etc…) and any other areas of your life.

Understanding what drives you will help you establish meaningful goals that will allow you to grow, contribute and obtain a sense of fulfillment. Don’t ever lose sight of the core drivers in your life, and you’ll never have to worry about a lack of mojo to keep you energetic and hungry for success.

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