Part Two: Refresh Your Definition of Success


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar.

Does your definition of success need a makeover?

If you’ve ever had a canine companion, then you know how dirty they can get. In the days leading up to a bath, my dog smells dirty and stinky; however, I often do not realize exactly how dirty she is until she gets a bath, about once per month.  If you’ve noticed that your mojo isn’t as shiny and fresh as it used the be, then like your dog, your definition of success may need a big, cleansing bath.

So, what is your definition of success? For this year? For your business? For your life?

Too often, we accept the typical entrepreneurial definition of success, which focuses on the bottom line. While knowing your financials and having a healthy bottom line is important to growing your business, only defining your success this way is short-sighted, not to mention less meaningful. When you are over-focused or only-focused on money your mojo is sure to decrease. The reality is you could always have more money, so measuring your success based only on money will not satisfy for long (not to mention the truth behind the old adage that money can’t buy happiness).

Consider redefining what success means for you in different areas of your life and try to be specific so that you can create a visual and quantitative connection in your mind. To make your definition of business success really complete, decide what you want to feel, and what impact you want to make. In addition to earning a specific amount of money, you might expand your business by adding a new product line or service, or reach a new geographic area; you could also decide that the impact you want to make is to add two new jobs (hire two employees) to your community or to increase awareness of a certain problem or solution amongst a certain population. If your chosen definition (or vision) of success is based on what is important and meaningful to you in combination with financial goals, you will be more energized and fulfilled than ever as you go about setting and reaching goals to fulfill this vision.

Never let someone else tell you what success means or looks like. When you chase an idea of success based on what you think you should do or what you have read, then not only will your mojo probably desert you, but even if you do achieve the goal, the achieve will probably feel insignificant, and empty.

Lastly, feel successful now. How unfortunate would it be to make yourself wait to feel successful? If you are working toward something great, then you are already successful. Give yourself acknowledgement for your small successes—they are what make up your big successes.

Refresh your definition of success, watch your mojo soar and don’t forget to give your dog a bath if he or she is getting stinky!

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