get your business ready for summer

Know your business trends and make them work for you, not against you!

Get your business ready for summer! Depending on your type of business and your target market, you may experience different trends in your business over the summer months. If you haven’t observed trends in your business, I highly recommend it. It’s the ONE thing you need to know that can make your summer fun or stressful. Plus, you’ll be much better prepared to handle either higher demand in busier months and gear up to adjust for lower demand months.

So, what are the typical trends in your business over summer?

Think of what steps you can take right now to prepare for managing these trends well and keeping your business growing. Here are a few things to consider when setting yourself and your business up for summer success:

Calendar your summer vacation days and time off NOW. Summer often brings more vacations days, family trips, and most kids are out of school. If you’re working hard to grow your business, summer isn’t immune from those efforts. For example, communicate with customers in advance regarding planned time off so they have time to get support from you before you’re not available. That way, everyone wins! Set things up in a way that allows the fruit of your efforts to continue to flow while allowing the freedom of fempreneurship to pay off with those summer days of fun in the sun.

Delegate. If your summer is jammed packed or you have a project with a mid-summer deadline and don’t see a way, ask for help! Consider hiring a temp or intern to support you with administrative tasks, errands, and things you can teach easily. None of us enjoy the feeling of having important tasks undone or gazing at sunny, blue skies through the office window only to never take time to enjoy them. Alternatively, if summer is typically slow, getting assistance could be the perfect opportunity to take your productivity to a whole new level. Whether it’s creating and planning the launch of new product or finally establishing much-needed systems, “summer sizzle” just may take on a whole new meaning!

Automate where possible. If your response times are longer in summer months, consider setting up an auto-reply so people quickly see when you’ll get back with them. If your hours change, be sure to post the new hours online, in your email signature and even on your outgoing voicemail message. This will help with better managing prospective and existing client inquiries and expectations. There’s nothing more nerve wracking than having people wanting your products/services and not being able to respond! You can hear the lost opportunity falling to the floor. Instead, decide what you can automate and set it up now.

On a larger scale, consider what business processes you can simplify and/or automate. If you develop proposals often, be sure you have a go-to template for all proposal types, saving lots of time re-writing content. Taking it a step further, using your word-processing software program, consider creating a form for often used documents so you can quickly “tab” to the next blank space. Streamline your online presence with tools like Hootsuite and NetworkedBlogs, through which you can schedule and distribute blog posts and social media posts in advance. You can literally have your entire online summer calendar scheduled in advance. Just be sure to check-in weekly to see that things are posting correctly and the content is still relevant in light of any current events.

If your business typically dips in revenue come summer time, I can help you develop creative ways to mitigate that and make your business boom! Likewise, I’m a natural at creating structure and systems so if you’re anticipating a busy summer season, I can share some practical, simple steps you can take to manage it all WELL and stay sane! Set up a Business Breakthrough Session today for only $49. Or, get my most recent ebook for only $5! I offer several fab ideas and insight for balancing your business and getting the direction you need. Plus, you’ll learn the 7 questions every fempreneur must ask herself to grow a successful business.