Tell me, have you ever felt that…

  • You’re working really hard to make your business successful, but you may not be getting the results you need OR…
  • you deeply desire to grow your business to the next level, but are overwhelmed or uncertain about what that looks like…
  • You’re held back or stuck and deeply crave moving forward
  • You’re ready to go for it, but don’t know what to do or where to start
  • You want to start seeing results quickly and get the boost you need

You’re in good company if you nodded your head or yelled at your computer, “yes” to any of these.

There have been times throughout my entrepreneurial journey when I felt one or all of those things! In order to move forward, however you need to take action. You might think of this need for action as a need for a breakthrough- a significance burst forward, or getting unstuck from where you are now and moving quickly to where you want to be.

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How do you intentionally create momentum or “make something happen” quickly in your business? The steps you take might be different depending on your unique situation, but there are 4 common stages that will lead you to whatever breakthrough you need in your business. Once you master them, you can use them all the time to make amazing things happen to grow your business.

Ok, so here they are:

  1. Get Clear. Before you can make “it” happen, you’ve got to know exactly what “it” is. When you spend time writing (or drawing) out what it looks like and why you need it, you immediately simplify things. It’s an immediate sigh of relief because it’s no longer this unknown, foggy or elusive desire. I lead my clients through this process regularly in our sessions; they tell me that creating a picture in their mind of exactly what they want to see happen and what’s true when they’ve had their breakthrough, totally makes it feel doable.Typically, your breakthrough will support something that you need more or less of in your life and/or business at the time. So, grab a few minutes to ponder that and be honest with yourself. It’s a great start to getting clear on your most important breakthrough to make.
  2. Move/Remove Things. If the first thing that pops into your mind after getting clear on what breakthrough you need most is what’s in your way or all the things that may make it difficult, your brain is working (woohoo!). You can either let those perceived barriers hold you back or you can use that information to move forward. Think about it…when you can see the barriers to making your breakthrough, you know exactly what you need to move, or remove, to move forward and create momentum quickly! I love it! So find those and get ‘em out of the way.[Tweet “What do you need to remove or MOVE to have a breakthrough in your biz? @FabFempreneurs #fempreneurs”]
  3. Map it Out. Once you have addressed possible barriers or things that could make it difficult to get the results you need or create the change or improvement in your business, you need a plan! Otherwise, the breakthrough process can take a lot longer than it needs to. You may need more information, a resource or a referral. What’s the first step? Do you need to do research? Your breakthrough plan doesn’t need to be complex. Make it simple and easy to use. Yes, you will want to use it and refer to it when you do your weekly planning so you can “hook” the action items into your schedule.
  4. See the Priorities. Not everything is equally important or has the same weight in terms of impact or progress toward your goal. If you have lots of action steps it’s easy to be unsure about where to get started, so you need to know what’s most important. Other than prioritizing your action steps, you want to see what area of focus or major indicator (e.g. when you reach X number of subscribers, complete X number of your program content) will create momentum quickly. What step or milestone would allow you to feel like you’re almost there? Focus on racing to those and watch your progress pick up.

You may be wondering if you can follow through with implementing each one of these on your own. I get it! Get guidance directly from me right now :-). Master the 4 stages and get guidance to create your breakthrough in 4 weeks with my Business Breakthrough Series e-course. (It’s effective AND super affordable!) Just check it out here and register, and you’ll get an email from me right away.

What breakthrough are you ready to have in your business? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.