Fab Fempreneur Fest TESTIMONIALS

“2 days of rich, relevant instructional content, interspersed with ample time for sharing, bonding, and having fun as a group, and focused alone and group time to delve deep on business strategy. This mix resulted in incredibly beautiful bonding, energetic connections, potential business synergies and collaborations, and amazing breakthroughs. You can’t help but come away from Fab Fempreneur Fest feeling rejuvenated, energized, and on fire for growing your business!” 

Tamara Golden, Owner and Founder, Journeywork Retreats

Dana Magnis, The MKTG Brand


“Fab Fempreneur Fest never lets me down, each year!

One of the biggest take-aways was the inner work…as a leader, and financially successful yet overworked business owner. I looked at my packages and saw what was profitable versus a complete waste of time. What I received from Sara and the amazing community that she’s built is the confidence and presence of a CEO that I didn’t have before. I became clear on my elevator speech and exactly the target audience I was going after. The most important part was HOW to grow this business so I can take each level of my business and grow it to the next level year after year. I never in a million years would have taken the time and space to have worked on these things on my own. I met many new clients within the Fab Fempreneurs Community and I made over $10,000 in sales from Fest connections alone! I have energy, focus, and am enjoying my life so much more.

When looking of all of the experiences that a business owner and fempreneur can create for yourself, FEST, by far, is my #1 favorite to sign up for each year! I will be a life-long learner and business owner focused on scaling up each year as a FEST speaker, sponsor, participant, or however I need to get in! I love it and thank you, Sara!!!”

women in business conference

“Fab Fempreneur Fest isn’t an event where you sit and listen or even sit and listen and take a few notes and hand out a business card or two. This was a two day workshop retreat where you do the work, right there and then, on your business. You gain clarity on what you need and then you’re guided through tangible action steps that you can and do immediately take and the resources and the connections to get immediate assistance, support, and inspiration to do what needs doing but may be outside of your “realm of genius.”

Fest is no feel-good, rah-rah motivational retreat––it was packed with useful (and often eye-opening) ideas, support, and solutions. We had plenty of hands-on time to work ON our business instead of in it, and to get valuable feedback. Most surprising was the powerfully strategic focus on leapfrogging daily details to work smarter. Fab Fempreneur Fest radically up-leveled my game. But most of all, what an incredible atmosphere of collaborative, generous, open go-getters, unafraid of success. I made so many friends––really discovered a community. So powerful, Sara. Thank you!

– Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen

I’m always a bit worried about the time I am putting aside to attend an event like FEST – how can I take two days off of work? But FEST was an incredible way to focus solely ON my work, all the important behind the scenes, foundational work that we so rarely set aside time for…and it is crucial that we do because it is the clarity of our visions and missions that allows us to attract ideal clients and generate the income we desire. I came out of FEST with renewed energy, clarity and rigor to take my business to the next level. And I know it worked because I enrolled a new client into my high-ticket offer the very next day. There is no replacement for  dedicated work time with an amazing guide (thanks Sara!) and a community full of inspiring fempreneurs to hold you accountable!

women in business conference
Tina Medina – The VIBE Movement
women in business conference

“I came to the event not knowing exactly what was in for, other than “I’m going to work on my business” and make connections. At the end of the event, I not only realized I have had the time to work ON my business on the most essential aspects, with the right guidance and support, but I also mapped out a NEW PROGRAM I’m going to launch next year, which was just an idea at the time. I came up with a plan and even got it scheduled on my calendar! I believe, with all my heart, that I’d have postponed this launch because I would not have the time to sit down and plan this program, if not for Fest. I’ll be forever grateful for Sara Clark-William for having this space for us!”

– Simone Talarico-Ross, Digital Marketing Coach


I always love attending Fest because I feel so supported by all of the women who attend. It’s easy to feel isolated when working on your business but Fest brings me in touch with others who are going through the same business challenges as I am. Getting 2 days of intense business coaching and connection makes me feel fired up to kick my business into the next gear.

Marcy Browe, Marcy Browe Photography
Marcy Browe
women in business conference

“Everyone left the event with an action plan and next steps, rather than being overwhelmed with too much information. I really valued this implementation time piece, as we could bounce ideas off of one another, and truly mastermind. The ROI was tremendous for me with $50,000 in sales from Fest within 4 months. I would highly recommend Sara’s events – they are organized, engaging, and valuable–and she will take good care of you!”

 -M. Shannon Hernandez, Marketing Consultant


“at fest I had a BIG vision come through and created my new membership program with a goal to launch within 90 days. and 90 days later I filled my program and met my revenue goal! It’s essential to give yourself that time and space to create, and allow new opportunities and connections.”

Rebecca Massoud, Speak Shine Sell


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