Woot! We’re excited that you want to be part of Fempreneur Fest!

All speakers have been selected for this year’s event. 

To increase visibility significantly, we suggest you consider applying to be a sponsor. Sponsor spots are limited as well, so please apply ASAP to be considered. See sponsor opportunities here.

Please review what’s included as a speaker and complete the application below *only* if you are completely in agreement with the requirements as stated in the speaker details below.

Please note that as a speaker you are required to:

1. Be business-to-business, providing a product/service that specifically benefits entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business in some way.

2. Be in business for 1 year or more

3. Be comfortable speaking in front of a group

4. Understand that you are an attendee FIRST, attending and participating in the full event amenities, resources, and experiences; as such, you will purchase an event ticket ($597) to cover the expenses of your participation. (No exceptions)

5. Understand and see the unique opportunity to engage and build relationships with other attendees who may be in your speaker breakout session, AND the value of a call-to-action where NO kickback is required. (Read: You have LOTS of opportunity to more than quadruple your investment)

Here’s what’s included when you are a speaker:

  • Be one of only 8 people selected to facilitate a full 1-hour workshop style session with attendees. Focus is on providing insights, strategies, and action steps for attendees to apply to improving their business
  • You ARE permitted to provide a call-to-action to continue the conversation with attendees
  • Opportunity for a pre-event video OR podcast interview with Sara showcasing your business and your involvement in the event- will be shared on social media
  • FREE Swag Bag Sponsorship
  • 3 promotions across our social media platforms
  • Inclusion in email promotions to our database
  • Speaker headshot & bio in the Fempreneur Fest retreat workbook
  • Speaker headshot & bio on event webpage
  • 2 FREE tickets to the cocktail mixer Saturday night (mixer will be open to the public for $79)

If you are selected as a speaker you will be notified, and will be provided with an agreement and registration link to purchase your ticket ($597).