Take advantage of the time and space to think, see what’s possible and create! Get clear on what you want and the direction you’re headed.


Discover growth strategies to create the business and live you want. Map out your exact next steps for what each strategy looks like in your unique business.


Feel inspired, express and explore creative juices, and connect with other passionate, growth-minded fempreneurs. Plus, soak up lots of fun and relaxation moments cleverly woven throughout the weekend!

In the morning for both Friday and Saturday, Sara will personally coach you through 4 must-have strategies from her Signature Business Building Program:

The Big Picture Destination- Your Vision

Success looks different for each of us. What direction do you want to go in the next year, and what does that look like? Explore and envision your unique desired journey to success and what you want to accomplish, contribute and experience along the way.

Your Traveling Companions- Your Ideal Client

Define or re-fine your TOP ideal client who you want more of! Uncover who they are so you can be in their shoes and speak directly about what matters to THEM. Who do you want to take with you on your journey? How can you serve them best?

The Big Offer- Your Core Offer

Serve your traveling companions (aka: your clients) in a way that will make the biggest impact, make the most revenue, and bring the most fun! Yes- it’s possible! Create a compelling core offering that potential clients fall in love with.

Map it Out – Your Plan of Action

Create a 90-day plan of action to attract and covert more clients, grow your business and go next-level! Write your step-by-step plan to travel to your destination.

(Even if you’ve worked on these areas before, it’s a perfect chance to refine and go next level!)

Both afternoons you’ll get breakout sessions from Fab Fempreneurs that focus on topics including:

  • Personal Branding that Unleashes Your Brilliance
  • Marketing Strategies that YOU LOVE and Content to Attract Your Audience
  • Choosing the Right Technology & Tools to be More Organized & Productive
  • Retreats 101: Is a Retreat Right for Your Business?
  • Sales! Change Your Mindset and Make More Money
  • and more!

See the detailed agenda and speaker bios below!

Event Schedule

THURSDAY, November 8th, 5:30PM-8:00PM

5:00PM – 6:30PM Official Check-in to the event! Cocktail Business Mixer on the patio!

6:30PM – 8:00PM – Paint and wine party!

FRIDAY, November 9th, 8:00AM-6:00PM

8:00AM- 8:55AM Check-in, visit sponsor tables, network, breakfast snacks and coffee

9:00AM- 9:20AM – Welcome remarks, table introductions

9:20AM – 10:40AMCreate Your Vision: The Big Picture Destination

20 min BREAK >> 10:40AM – 11:00AM

11:00AM – 12:00PMCraft Your Core Offering and Increase Revenue!

12:00PM – 1:00PM LUNCH: Lunch on the lawn + Headshots with Marcy Browe + Visit Sponsor Tables

1:00PM – 2:00PM Breakout Session 1:

“Make More Money in Less Time by Leveraging the Right Technology”
April Merritt, Ilios Digital Organizing

“Protect Your Assets: When Do You Hire a Business Attorney”
Renie Leakakos & Assly Sayyar, Leakakos Law

20 min BREAK >> 2:00PM-2:20PM

2:20PM – 3:20PM Breakout Session 2:

“Play Your Way to Profits and Success”
Vanessa Elle Wilde, She Caster

Unleash Your Branding Brilliance to Attract Your Next Level Clients
Marcy Browe, Marcy Browe Photography

3:30PM – 4:00PM Fab Fempreneur PANEL

4:00PM – 4:55PM Mini Mastermind Session

5:15PM – 6:00PM Synergizing and wind-down YOGA session


SATURDAY, November 10th, 8:00AM-7:30PM

8:00AM- 8:55AM Check-in, visit sponsor tables, network, breakfast snacks and coffee

9:00AM – 10:30AM –  Identify Your Ideal Client + Map Out Your 90-Day Action Plan

20 min BREAK >> 10:30AM – 10:50AM

10:50AM – 12:00PMFinish Mapping Out Your 90-Day Action Plan + Laser Coaching Sessions

12:00PM – 1:00PM LUNCH: Lunch on the lawn + Headshots + Visit Sponsor Tables

1:00PM – 2:00PM Breakout Session 1:

“Stepping Into The Confident Expert”
M. Shannon Hernandez, Content Personality Wheel

Retreats 101: Is a Retreat Right for Your Business?”
Tamara Golden, JourneyWork Retreats

20 min BREAK >> 2:00PM-2:20PM

2:20PM – 3:20PM Breakout Session 2:

“How to STOP Struggling in Your Sales Conversations & Shift Your Mindset”
Julia Andrews, Connect2Close

“How to Create a Website that Converts More Clients”
Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen

3:30PM – 4:20PM Get It Done Time!

4:20PM – 4:40PM Declare Your BOLD Statement

4:40PM-5:00PM Wrap up

5:00PM Visit sponsor tables, make your way out to the patio for the mixer!

5:00PM – 7:30PM Mixer, awards & dancing! End our fabulous retreat with solidifying your connections, celebrating success, and dancing to energizing tunes.

Your Breakout Session Speakers:

Julia Andrews, Connect2Close Method

Julia Andrews is the creator of The Connect2Close™ Method, a sales formula that draws on natural human connection, authenticity, and an abundance mindset.

As a sales coach and strategy consultant, Julia’s work centers around empowering women business owners to break through the limitations of traditional thinking about returns and expectations to achieve next-level results.

She’s sold over $215 million in sales and who bring her sales expertise from working over 2 decades as a top-tier performer in corporate financial services, asset protection, insurance and direct sales to help and support women not be afraid of selling and achieve the financial success they envision for their business.

Before moving to San Diego with her family, Julia was 17 and living in Mexico. One of her biggest adventures was learning English as a second language while at the same time learning how to sell- she needed to alleviate the household burden for her single mother with 5 children. As she describes it, “sales was my second language and English was my third”.

Shannon Hernandez, M. Shannon Hernandez

M. Shannon Hernandez is not your average entrepreneur. After a 15-year public teaching career, she jumped feet first into her journey as a business owner, and within just a few years, she had built a multi-six figure business.

A sought-after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, Shannon is known globally as the creator of the Content Personality Wheel™. She is a voice and role model for Thought Leaders around the world, teaching them how to market their innovative ideas in a way that honors who they are and what they believe.

In 2016 Shannon founded The Content Strategy Academy, where she champions and rallies entrepreneurs, teaching them how to market their businesses from a place of intuition and integrity—and create a life they love waking up to every.single.day.

Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, FOX, Identity Magazine, and NBC. When she is not speaking and teaching globally, you will find her practicing yoga, snuggling her cat, hiking the hills of central Costa Rica, and whipping up new recipes in her kitchen, with her husband Michael.

Marcy Browe, Marcy Browe Photography

Marcy Browe is a contemporary portrait photographer specializing in personal branding portraits. Marcy helps women entrepreneurs up-level their image. By allowing women to be seen and to connect with their best version of themselves, Marcy is consistently showing women their worth and their magnetism by creating images that are stunning, tell their story and attract their ideal client.

Before taking her long-time passion for photography and becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Marcy worked for major companies in marketing and sales. Now, she gets to blend her extensive business and marketing experience with her creative side… resulting in photos which are spot-on for your unique visual brand.

As an avid lover of all things outdoors, Marcy takes pride in running an environmentally conscious business. When she’s not photographing, she can be found surfing, biking, hiking, camping or practicing yoga. Learn more at www.marcybrowe.com

Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen

Zhe L. Scott, The SEO Queen, is a creative, yet technical marketing & search engine optimization coach who achieves authentic success through building credible, visible, and profitable brands.  She is the Chief Digital Strategist for the SEO Services company TSQ Marketing Inc.

As an MIT alumnus, her first professional position was as a web applications developer for Fortune 500 company Raytheon.  Since her foray into corporate America she has helped over 300 companies create their web presence or dominate their niche on search engines locally, nationally, and globally.

When she is not building websites or getting them on to Google Page 1 she is mother to Zerlinda and Joshua and performs on stages worldwide as violinist Lady Zhe.

Tamara Golden, Golden Journeys Travel

Are you looking to distinguish yourself from the competition, go deeper with your clients, increase profits, AND travel to beautiful destinations with all expenses paid? Consider hosting a retreat!

Tamara Golden partners with coaches, wellness practitioners, and transformation leaders in planning and implementing custom retreat experiences in the US and abroad.

A fempreneur herself, Tamara’s ideal clients are heart-centered fempreneurs who serve primarily women through their work. She is a huge believer in women supporting other women through the process of healing, growth, and the realization of their goals and dreams.

Tamara works very closely with her fempreneur clients to ensure the retreats they design are intimate, unique, brand-specific experiences that combine concentrated learning time, the chance to bond as a group, and the opportunity to enjoy the destination. Her proprietary planning process ensures a high-value experience for your clients and a successful outcome for you: personally, professionally and financially.

April Merritt, Illios Digital Organizing

Having the right tech – and knowing how to use it – can make the difference between getting by and getting ahead. April Merritt, owner of Ilios Digital Organizing, uses her education in Information Science and her passion for problem solving to help entrepreneurs increase their productivity and revenue. Her focus is on the right tech for the right task, finding what works for you so you can save time, make money, and grow your business.

When not working with individual clients, April loves teaching small group workshops on digital productivity and organizing. April’s a big believer in the idea that every expert was once a beginner, and it’s okay if you don’t know it all – you can always Google it!


Vanessa Elle Wilde, Girlside Chats

Vanessa Elle Wilde is passionate about sparking ideas and conversations that inspire women to recognize, understand and celebrate their greatness. She is the Founder of GirlSide Chats, a platform for women and girls to immerse themselves in sisterhood through events, workshops, online membership community and the GirlSide Chats podcast.

Vanessa embraces the philosophy that there are many paths to personal and professional greatness and is passionate about helping women harness that greatness through humor and play. Using the principles of Improvisational Comedy, she teaches her 5-key concept model to profoundly enhance how women lead and live. As a dynamic speaker and facilitator, Vanessa infuses her workshops with a heart-centered and playful approach. Life & Leadership never looked so fun! A few of her many roles, she is a mother, writer and social entrepreneur. She lives in San Diego, with her boyfriend, and her beloved pup, Oliver, a ridiculously cute king charles cavalier.

Renie Leakakos and Assly Sayyar, Leakakos Law

Renie Leakakos, Esq. is the Managing Attorney of Leakakos Law, APC, a legal practice that supports entrepreneurs, small business, and emerging growth companies. Founded in 2002, the Firm helps clients pursue happiness, harmony, and freedom by protecting their business, assets, and ideas with sound legal representation. Renie is on the Board of Lawyers Club of San Diego, acting as VP of Special Programing. She also actively supports women focused organizations, specifically serving on the Advisory Board of Hera Hub, Inc., providing legal advice as Guru at Hera Hub Carlsbad, mentoring entrepreneurs for Hera Labs and participating as Director and Angel Investor at Hera Fund.


Assly Sayyar, Esq. is part of the team at Leakakos Law, specializing as a trial attorney, civil practitioner and transactional attorney. While her primary focus is that of civil litigation with an emphasis on trial work, she frequently calls upon her courtroom expertise to benefit clients with transactional needs. By knowing the pitfalls of business and real estate litigation, she can better serve the needs of her clients who wish to avoid the courtroom.

Assly was born in Great Britain and immigrated to the United States with her family as a child. As a U.S. Citizen, Assly received her Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric, her Master in Arts in English Literature, and was admitted to the Nevada State Bar in 2004, the California State Bar in 2008.