Take advantage of the time and space to think, see what’s possible and create! Get clear on what you want and the direction you’re headed.


Discover growth strategies to create the business and live you want. Map out your exact next steps for what each strategy looks like in your unique business.


Feel inspired, express and explore creative juices, and connect with other passionate, growth-minded fempreneurs. Plus, soak up lots of fun and relaxation moments cleverly woven throughout the weekend!

In the morning for both Friday and Saturday, Sara will personally coach you through 4 must-have strategies from her Signature Business Building Program:

The Big Picture Destination- Your Vision

Success looks different for each of us. What direction do you want to go in the next year, and what does that look like? Explore and envision your unique desired journey to success and what you want to accomplish, contribute and experience along the way.

Your Traveling Companions- Your Ideal Client

Define or re-fine your TOP ideal client who you want more of! Uncover who they are so you can be in their shoes and speak directly about what matters to THEM. Who do you want to take with you on your journey? How can you serve them best?

The Big Offer- Your Core Offer

Serve your traveling companions (aka: your clients) in a way that will make the biggest impact, make the most revenue, and bring the most fun! Yes- it’s possible! Create a compelling core offering that potential clients fall in love with.

Map it Out – Your Plan of Action

Create a 90-day plan of action to attract and covert more clients, grow your business and go next-level! Write your step-by-step plan to travel to your destination.

(Even if you’ve worked on these areas before, it’s a perfect chance to refine and go next level!)

Both afternoons you’ll get breakout sessions from Fab Fempreneurs that focus on RELEVANT, business-building topics. Speakers to be announced!

Event Schedule

Friday, September 27th, 8:00AM-6:00PM


Saturday, September 28th, 8:00AM-8:00PM


Your Breakout Session Speakers

TBD – Check back soon for an updates.