Featured Fempreneur Submission Form

Please submit your Featured Fempreneur story to be featured in one of our monthly editions! You will be the female entrepreneur of the month! Thanks so much for sharing your experience working with me. The mission of the Featured Fempreneur is below:

The Featured Fempreneur is an e-publication that shines the light on success stories of female entrepreneurs who have achieved significant results through their work with Sara. It is the goal of this e-publication to promote and support these women, who have done what it takes to build momentum in their business or have taken their business to a whole new level. The goal is to inspire you, offer insight, share a resource, idea or tool, and be a reminder that you’re not alone as you overcome obstacles along the way and fulfill your passion-filled ambitions!

  • ^ Please describe the situation that led you to work with Sara. Often the thing that triggers us to hire a coach is the opportunity to grow or expand our business. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a challenge that you need to address and navigate. What was your "trigger" whether a challenge or opportunity that led you to work with Sara?
  • What did you do with Sara (e.g. private or group coaching)? And, what types of things did you focus on with her? What did you work on together? What changes did you make? What did you do in your work with Sara? What were the big things that stand out to you as making a big difference in starting to feel/see progress and results?
  • What were the *outcomes of the work you did with Sara? How did you *benefit from working with her? If possible, include a quantitative result (e.g. $ increase, % increase, # of referrals/clients/inquiries). What progress have you made from the work you did/ have done with Sara? What outcomes or results have you experienced from working with Sara? What have been the benefits you've seen or felt?