Pat Your Head While You Rub Your Belly – Serve New and Current Clients Well.

Part Three in the Four-Part Series on How To Receive and Manage a Sudden Influx of New Clients.

What you expect will happen influences what DOES happen, so expect a sudden influx of new business and plan NOW for what you need to do manage them. With this thought in mind, I’ve written a four-part series on how to receive and manage a sudden influx of new clients. This is Part Three: Serve New and Current Clients Well.

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, then you’re now prepared to receive an influx of new business (Step One) and have identified potential gaps in the automation of your business (Step Two). Now it’s time to focus on serving your new impending stream of clients well while also maintaining and nurturing your current clients.

It’s not that hard; all you have to do is pat your head and rub your belly at the same time.

My friend Jessica confided to me the other day that she was one of those people who COULD NEVER pat her head and rub her belly at the same time. Patting her head was easy enough, but as soon as she put her hand on her belly, everything went haywire. (I wonder if you are literally trying to do it right now?)

You may find yourself in a similar situation when you’re trying to bring in new clients while also keeping your current clients happy. You may feel pulled in a lot of different directions, and it’s easy to let one side of the equation lapse. Usually current clients get the short end of the stick.

Here’s the thing, you can get better at doing two things at once. You just have to practice. My friend Jessica explained how she eventually learned to pat her head and rub her belly at the same time. She admits it sounds silly now, but she would actually practice it on the playground, and then, over time it became simple.

Here is a list of powerful tips on how you can make sure your current clients don’t get left in the dust when you take on a whole new influx of work:

Establish a quick and easy way to see the status of all current clients or projects

It doesn’t matter if you use a handwritten list taped to your desk or a sophisticated project management tool like WEvolution, Zoho, or Basecamp. Developing a way to assess the status of your clients or projects in one quick glance will give you a big picture view and allow you to easily determine with whom you need to connect.

Implement a regular “client review”

Establish a specific time each day or week to devote to a “client review”. This is a great opportunity to review each of your client files to stay up to date on their progress. When I do my client reviews, I like to try and send each client a resource, like an article or a great website link, which is related to a challenge they shared with me during a coaching session.

Regardless of what service or product you sell, you probably still deal with human beings, and with all the options people have nowadays, it is critical to make a personal connection and a lasting positive impression with your clients.

Determine the right amount of communication needed

Every client has different communication needs. Some like to go over every decision together with you, while others are extremely hands-off. It’s up to you to determine which clients need a little more support, and which prefer to give you a job and let you run with it.

Monitor your relationship with every client. I find that some of my coaching clients enjoy using just the given amount of time with me. They’ll leverage that joyfully within their busy schedules, not requiring supplemental support. Other clients seem to need and appreciate extra support, communication or touch points.

Use the forms, tools and processes you created

Remember what I talked about in my previous article about automating your business? These same tools will help you balance incoming clients while keeping track of current clients. If you feel there are gaps or information is falling through the cracks, consider creating additional forms or establishing processes to address these issues. There is also an incredible amount of tools online that can help you stay organized and on track. Most are free or cheap. Don’t be afraid to Google your issue and see what resources are available online.

Get assistance

Maybe you just can’t pat your head and rub your belly at the same time. That’s okay too. If you find that you don’t have enough time or energy to keep current clients happy while bringing in new clients to the business, don’t be afraid to bring in some help. Maybe you need to hire a virtual assistant to take over smaller tasks and free up some of your time so you can concentrate on higher-level projects. A lot of business owners don’t enjoy the selling process. If this is case, why not hire a salesperson to do that work for you? You may even want to pay them fully or partly on commission to keep your overhead low.

There’s no need to get overwhelmed with your business or to let your high level of customer service and customer satisfaction slip because you want to pursue new prospects. Patting your head and rubbing your belly is possible if you practice and plan accordingly!

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