Are you working hard and love what you do, but not getting results that match your efforts?

Does growing your business feel like a guessing game?

>>>>>You are ready for The Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program! <<<<<<

When you choose this program, you get support, encouragement, ideas, and discussion by working directly with Sara to build your business based on your definition of success. Unlike other private coaching options, this program uses the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program curriculum that guides you to implement 7 vital topics in your business, growing a sustainable business that is both fulfilling and profitable.

Together, throughout 8 modules we’ll accomplish the following for your business:

  • Create your unique business vision and definition of success so you know the direction you’re headed and why it matters to you (your “why”)!
  • Develop a plan to grow your business that that supports the life you desire and takes the guess work out of growing your business.
  • Create a weekly time management schedule to ensure you make time for the most important things to reach your business goals, take care of your personal life, and feel in charge of your time.
  • Discover your top priority items to reach your goals in order to build momentum faster and feel productive every day.
  • Clarify your business model so you are super clear on how you are/can generate revenue.
  • Identify the systems you need to put into place to make your business more efficient and save time.
  • Decide exactly what you’ll delegate, so growing your business is much more manageable and efficient.
  • Create a wealth plan so you know the amount of money you need & desire, and can focus on the business goals that get you there.
  • Develop your monthly metrics dashboard in order to track your progress and stay profitable.
  • Define your ideal client so you can match your message to your audience and close sales faster.
  • Create your marketing plan so you can focus your marketing efforts on what is most productive.
  • Outline your sales process to convert more leads into profitable sales and raving fans.
  • Define your leadership manifesto as a Fab Fempreneur to create a lasting legacy.

Here is what is included in your 16-week program:

  • ONE private hands-on 2-hour session every other week (16 week option)
  • Fab Fempreneurs Signature Program curriculum with actionable exercises to grow your business
  • FREE 1-year membership in the Fab Fempreneurs Membership Community ($69/mo value)
  • Access to the Fab Fempreneurs Facebook Community (an invite-only community of proactive fempreneurs)
  • Personalized feedback & brainstorming on assignments
  • Business-building resources, tools and templates
  • Access to my private client forms, courses, and guides in the members-only website
  • Support and accountability to help you stay focused
  • Coaching VIDEOS to dig deeper on each topic
  • 20-minute check-in CALLS between sessions (optional)
  • Certification of completion
  • FREE admission to all Fab Fempreneurs signature webinars & workshops (excludes special events)

Because I can only coach so many clients privately, space is limited! If all private clients spots are full you can opt for one of the group formats or ask to be added to my wait list for private coaching. Private coaching is the perfect option for you if you are ready to really invest in yourself and your business and get the one-on-one focused support and guidance to get your business growing.

Can’t wait to hear from you!




I’m just beginning my work with Sara, I am doing private coaching with her. I’m a photographer and I’m 3 years into my business and I need a lot of help with my pricing and packaging.

Sara and I worked in our first session on creating packages and a process that worked for me – shifting how I work with clients and how I offer my services.

A local realtor contacted me about portraits last week, and she was the first person that I shared my new pricing structure with and I tried out my new service-based approach that I conceived with Sara.

After seeing her photos, it came time for the purchase decision she chose my middle package …and it wasn’t even a hard sell, it was a natural decision for my client. When “selling” to her, I came sincerely from a place of service and a desire to help her with her marketing and that was a huge shift for me. And I got paid 4x as much as I had been charging in the past.

I’m stoked that I can already see the results of what I’m putting out there in the world. Thank you Sara!! I’m motived to keep this momentum going  WhooooHoooo!!!  Marcy Browe, Marcy Browe Photography

“Several years ago I was in a corporate job I knew I wanted to leave in order to pursue my own life coaching business. coaching testimonialThis prompted me to hire a coach to help with

the transition and create an effective launch plan. I was fortunate to find Sara and with her guidance, I was able to leave my corporate job and grow a successful life coaching practice. Sara’s great ideas and insight help

keep me focused and accountable to reach my goals. Working with Sara has been a great success and I highly recommend her services!” – Quinn Paglierani, Owner, Coach Quinn.

*Need financing? PayPal Credit is accepted (6 months same as cash).