Apply for a Scholarship to Fest 2019!

Growing your business can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey. It IS possible to gain momentum and reach your goals as you strive to make more money, make a bigger impact, and have more fun! And we get that this process can take time! That’s why we’re awarding THREE scholarships to Fest 2019!

Application DEADLINE: Friday, June 15th 2019 at midnight


1. Have a business. Even if you haven’t yet officially “started,” you must be clear on your business model (what you do, whom you serve, how you serve them) to benefit fully from our content at the event. If you’re not sure “what type of business you want to start” this is not ideal.

2. Be fully committed to attend the full 2-day event (Friday- Saturday, September 27-28).

3. Apply by the deadline!

4. Demonstrate financial NEED, commitment to making a bigger impact in the world through your business, and how you’ll leverage this opportunity.