Fab Fempreneur Fest is the best annual event for women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business.

Our 3rd Annual Fab Fempreneur Fest tookFab Fempreneur Fest place online on January, 29th and 30th, 2021 with our theme: Create Your Next Level with Ease.” While we are go-getters and desire to make more money and impact, it’s possible to do that with less struggle and grind, and instead with more EASE throughout the next year.

Sara Clark-Williams

First and foremost, as the founder and CEO of Fab Fempreneurs, it was amazing to lead 32 women over two days to create their business vision, explore their core offer, identify their ideal client and create a next-level 90-day plan of action. Women entrepreneurs celebrated working on their business for those two days and ultimately created a plan for more “ease” within their businesses. 

Fab Fempreneur Fest 2020 was supposed to take place in September 2020 as an in-person event, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on gatherings, we decided to reschedule to January 29th and 30th, 2021 and host it virtually. We are looking forward to getting back to our regular Fest program schedule in September 2021 and plan to host another fabulous virtual event. 

Conference Meets Retreat

Fab Fempreneur Fest, one of the best annual events for women entrepreneurs, was created when I had a breakthrough moment in 2016: I wanted to serve my clients in a more impactful way and create a space for women entrepreneurs to come together. The first Fest was held in November 2018 and since then has grown into an annual event. This event for BOTH women in businesses just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey AND established women entrepreneurs who have been in business for years and want to continue to level up.

Every year attendees get exclusive access and guidance through four core components from the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program: writing a business vision for success, creating your core offer, dreaming up your ideal client, and developing a 90 day action plan to achieve your goals. Although the event was virtual, attendees got s**t done during the get it done time, masterminded their new business ideas and goals, and learned from some of the leading women in their industries.

Fab Fempreneur Fest

Fab Fempreneur Fest

Pivoting during COVID-19

There was no denying that Fab Fempreneur Fest was different this year…due to a global pandemic. My team and I creatively translated our annual in-person event to a fabulous virtual experience to include all the same powerful guidance, content, speakers, networking time, and creative exercises in one event.

Having to re-create a two day IN-PERSON event to a virtual one is no easy task, and I could not have done it without the unwavering support of our Event Strategist, Angela Quisumbing of Angela Grace Events. She did a wonderful job maneuvering all of the breakout rooms- often requiring her to be fast thinking and moving to manually move every attendee to a specific room due to limited capabilities for multiple room pre-assignment. Oh and how can I forget her answering attendees’ questions in the background while I was coaching and speaking! Our team also included an Event Assistant, Natalie Neece Hormann of Natalie Neece, VA Services who ensured our chat information was posted correctly throughout the day, played transition music, and ensured our feedback forms were received both days! It was possible to have a fabulous event with these two Fab Fempreneurs.  

Fab Fempreneur Fest

“I was scared the virtual event wouldn’t be as impactful and boy I was wrong!! I think it was even more so. It made networking so much easier and it was great to connect.” – Melissa McClure

Connection & Community 

While rescheduling Fest to January 2021 was not the initial plan, the timing was exactly what so many women entrepreneurs needed coming out of such a year of uncertainty, loss, and making shifts in their business. It was a welcome opportunity for all attendees to re-evaluate their businesses going into the new year and see what’s possible. It was especially important to gather to have support, guidance, and community more than ever. Attendees saw other colleges they hadn’t seen in a while and there were many new connections made (they even booked clients!).  Fab Fempreneur Fest is one of the best annual events for women entrepreneurs to have space to focus, grow, and recharge with like-minded women entrepreneurs.

“This was my second year attending Fest, and even though this year’s event was virtual, it felt like my first time all over again. I got to reconnect with women I haven’t spoken to in months, and connected with new friends. Every woman I spoke with taught me something brand new. It was a joy and an awesome opportunity. I can’t wait for this year’s event.” – Jessica Cruz-Abalos 

Fab Fempreneur Fest

Education & Support

Fab Fempreneur Fest is the must-attend event to make authentic connections with women entrepreneurs and to learn and grow both personally and professionally. There were a variety of speakers at Fest who covered important topics from protecting your passion through risk management, to how to grow your followers on Instagram, to how to create a movement through your brand. 

Thank you to our FABULOUS speakers! We appreciate you and your insights from your breakout sessions:

Dana Magnus- The MKTG Brand

Josee Brisebois- We Can Style

Hadley Wood- H. Linwood Insurance Services

Rebecca Massoud- Speak Shine Sell

Jessica Cruz-Abalos- J Cruz Designs

Melissa McClure- Melissa McClure Coaching

Ashlynn Cubbison- Entrepreneur + Published Author

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker- TEEM Innovation Group

Ana Nieto- Volar by Ana Nieto

Fab Fempreneur Fest

“I’m always a bit worried about the time I am putting aside to attend an event like FEST – how can I take two days off of work? But FEST was an incredible way to focus solely ON my work, all the important behind the scenes, foundational work that we so rarely set aside time for…and it is crucial that we do because it is the clarity of our visions and missions that allows us to attract ideal clients and generate the income we desire. I came out of FEST with renewed energy, clarity and rigor to take my business to the next level. And I know it worked because I enrolled a new client into my high-ticket offer the very next day. There is no replacement for  dedicated work time with an amazing guide (thanks Sara!) and a community full of inspiring fempreneurs to hold you accountable!” – Tina Medina

Fab Fempreneur Fest


We LOVE our attendees and wanted them to have something TANGIBLE to remember the event by so we gifted them items from our sponsors in these fab, eco-friendly canvas totes! As with every year as an attendee you also receive a Fest workbook- one place to capture all of your ideas, notes and next steps- not to mention super valuable exercises you can come back to again.

Fab Fempreneur Fest
Fab Fempreneur Fest

The Fab Fempreneur Panel

Every year at Fest, we have a lively sponsor panel discussion about timely topics for women entrepreneurs. Our theme for the panel this year was, “How to Thrive Through Uncertainty.” Dana Magnus, Marcy Browe, and Ashlynn Cubbison were generous with their transparency and  insights and lessons from their entrepreneurial journeys throughout 2020. This was a “real-talk” conversation, just the way we like it!

Fab Fempreneur Fest

“I always love attending Fest because I feel so supported by all of the women who attend. It’s easy to feel isolated when working on your business but Fest brings me in touch with others who are going through the same business challenges as I am. Getting 2 days of intense business coaching and connection makes me feel fired up to kick my business into the next gear.” – Marcy Browe 


Speed Networking

A new feature we added to Fab Fempreneur Fest this year was a virtual speed networking session! Attendees were randomly placed for about five minutes with a different attendee which made it fun and interactive to meet new people or reconnect. 

Yoga Movement with Amber DeBarge

Amber DeBarge of CAYA Yoga led the group in a re-energizing five minute Yoga Movement Session to get our bodies up and out of our seats!

Show Me How You Burlesque

On Friday evening after day one of Fest, speaker and fellow Fab Fempreneur Melissa McClure taught a sexy burlesque routine to shimmy and shake and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Fab Fempreneur Fest Annual Cocktail Mixer

In Fab Fempreneurs style, we closed out day two of Fest with our Annual Cocktail Mixer. Attendees made the Fab Fempreneur Fest Signature Cocktail at home, “You’re One in a Melon” (Jess Cruz-Abalos was the winner of the cocktail naming contest!), danced to some Whitney Houston, and celebrated all that they had accomplished together over the weekend. 

“Fab Fempreneur Fest never lets me down, each year! As my 3rd time at Fest, I find myself consistently growing, learning, and putting my action steps in place at the right times so my business does scale. I cannot believe how much I truly go forward and fast when I can have the dedicated FEST program and support from one of my favorite communities to get me to the next level. When looking of all of the experiences that a business owner and fempreneur can create for yourself, FEST, by far, is my #1 favorite to sign up for each year! I will be a life-long learner and business owner focused on scaling up each year as a FEST speaker, sponsor, participant, or however I need to get in! I love it and thank you, Sara!!!” – Dana Magnus 

Save The Date

Meanwhile, plan to join us for upcoming events for women entrepreneurs who are like you- passionate about what you do and helping your clients, and ready to make more money and create more free time! Save the dates and stay tuned for more details about Mini-Fest coming up on June 3rd, 2021, and Fab Fempreneur Fest on September 24th & 25th, 2021! To get all the up-to-date details so you don’t miss out this year, be sure to join our email list here.

Fab Fempreneur Fest

Fab Fempreneurs Monthly Community Gathering 

Each month, join us for a lively session of connection, collaboration, and growth!

Our typical event agenda will include:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • 20-minute talk
  • Breakout table conversations about the topic
  • Open networking conversations

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