“Let’s Do This!”

That was our theme for our annual Fab Fempreneur Fest held on September 27-28, 2019 at The Westin Resort and Spa in Carlsbad just a few blocks from the beach.

It was so fulfilling to be in the midst of all of our attendees who are such passionate, growth-minded women entrepreneurs at various stages of their business. One thing that they all have in common is…

their deep desire and commitment make more money, make a bigger impact, and have more fun!

The path to grow to our next level can be overwhelming, uncertain and even frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to start or are feeling stuck. That’s why it’s critical to get guidance to get the clarity you need, choose the specific strategies you’ll use, and map out your unique set of goals and actions.

Without taking the time and space to do this for your business is like flying without a flight plan and hoping you’ll get “there,” wherever that is.

It just doesn’t make sense.

That’s the big WHY for what led me to create Fab Fempreneur Fest:

a 2-day business conference meets retreat designed to create the time and space for women to get clear, have breakthroughs, and set forth plans for achieving their next-level goals.

It’s all about bringing together Guidance + Resources + Community.


The Video

In case you haven’t seen the Fest video yet take a peek here:

The Core Content

To support attendees in getting the clarity, focus, confidence, and a tangible plan for success, I personally coach and guide you through 4 core parts of the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program. As a coach and business owner myself I understand the main things you need to reflect on to make the shift into your next stage, make the pivot to create better results, and have the breakthrough from being stuck. These 4 steps are proven to get much needed momentum going as you create your next level- whatever that looks like for you. You leave with a 90-Day Action Plan that you feel excited about and confident in.

Our theme (Let’s Do This!) was woven throughout the 2 days. All attendees were supported to be able to say this with confidence. In order to do so, it means you know what you’re about to go do, you’re ready to take action, it’s a worthy endeavor, and you’re not alone. Woot!! Together we shouted this many times and it’s now a “sticky” hashtag our attendees are using throughout their social media updates. #LetsDoThis

The Right Women in The Right Room

Having others who share openly about the up and downs on their journey, and what worked for them, is key to pushing through to the other side. Because of our intentional messaging, the women who are drawn to be part of Fab Fempreneur Fest and the Fab Fempreneurs Community as a whole, are positive, passionate about making a bigger difference, and proactively looking to grow their business (and enjoy their life more). And, they want to be around others who are doing the same! The result is a highly supportive, collaborative, and productive environment where big shifts happen (and as one attendee shared, her “mind was blown”).

Most attendees provide a service for other entrepreneurs and business owners which is a priceless opportunity to get honest real-time feedback on your ideas and challenges. Imagine a focus group of your target audience ready to support you! There were light bulb moments, laughter, and tears, and most importantly a breakthrough to a clear plan forward that attendees felt BOTH excited about and confident in.

How We Roll

The design of the event fosters an environment where attendees can connect on a deeper level and organically build relationships. Many attendees leave Fest with not only several new business friends, but have already drafted new collaborative ideas, and set consultations with new clients. Heck yeah!

All Speakers and Sponsors are Attendees First

Have you even gone to a “conference” and sat for hours feverishly taking notes, and listening to speaker after speaker? Many such events allow the speakers to show up for their presentation and then leave. While there may be times for this, Fest supports a much different model: All speakers are attendees for the full 2-day event. That means speakers and sponsors commit to attend and participate along with all other attendees. And yes, speakers pay for their ticket as an attendee. The dynamic that results is a cohesive sense of community and speakers benefit from getting to know the people in their breakout session. This leads me to say I’m feeling grateful for all of you who spoke and/or sponsored to support and make Fest 2019 fabulous!

There Ain’t No Shame in a Good Money Game

I would be leaving something important out if I didn’t share this next piece:

  • Over half the attendees report increasing their prices and launching new offerings as a result of the content presented at Fest
  • Over half the attendees report gaining new business immediately following the event
  • Our speakers and sponsors report average sales from $10,000-$50,000 from their investment within 1-4 months after the event

I am confident these results are created through our commitment to our formula of Guidance + Resources + Community.

Fun and Recharge Time are Prioritized

Equally important to getting sh*t done is staying energized and creative. We had a creativity station set up with art supplies to create adult coloring sheets and cards to each other as they met throughout the event (thank you Minette Riordan of Spark Your Creative Brilliance!). This not only kept attendees feeling in the flow and joyful, it also supported our sense of community and relationship building even further. One attendee posted about her “love notes” a few days following the event where she reads them daily when she gets dressed:

We wrapped up Day 1 with a gentle yoga session and Day 2 with an awards mixer and dance party:

We had so much fun dancing, attendees decided they wanted an encore dance jam session so we’re hosting a private event just for them and their guests in December.

The Fest Team Rocked It!

I couldn’t have pulled off this 2nd annual Fest without my event team and volunteers. They showed up early, welcomed and checked in all attendees, served wherever they were needed, and ensured all attendees had what they needed- including me! As the event producer and main speaker, it’s easy to keep talking to attendees and forget to use the restroom, drink tea and water, etc. They helped me stay energized. Thank you, ladies!!

Signature Cocktails and Flip-Flops Oh My!

To celebrate our successful weekend together we had to have our very own signature cocktail! To add some extra fun we held a contest to name it, and the winner was The Fempremosa! You guessed it, it was a champagne based cocktail and it was delicious!

You can’t see my feet in this photo, but by the time the mixer came I was in my flip flops (well during the day breaks too, to save my feet!). How the heck do women wear heels all day when they’re on their feet? I love my flip flops, but if you know of a fab pair of heels that will go the distance let me know!

Save the Date

Our 3rd annual Fab Fempreneur Fest is September 25th through 26th, 2020. Get the dates reserved on your calendar. It will be here before you know it! And if you’re excited to see the details and current early bird ticket options check it out here.

Comments or Questions? What do you want to see at our next Fest? 

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