It's time to explode your summer sales by understanding your sales trends.

It’s time to explode your summer sales by understanding your sales trends.

There is a sales rhythm in almost every business, though peaks and valleys are stronger in some businesses than others. If you are a pumpkin farmer, for instance, you should expect a pretty big sales spike each October. If you sell gloves and coats, your summer sales reports are probably pretty dismal.

What are the Summer Trends of your Business?

Take some time after you read this article to go over your profit and loss statements for the last couple of years (if your business has been around for that long) and see if you notice any sales trends. Since we are in the midst of summer, look at your summer sales. How were they last year and the year before that? How do those trends compare with what you are seeing this year?

Awareness is Power

Do you usually see a dip in sales during the summer each year, or maybe a small rise? Try to think about the reason for this. As a life and business coach, I tend to get a big spike of interest at the beginning of the year when individuals and Fab Fempreneurs start seriously considering their big goals for the year and how they can achieve them. Summer tends to be a little slower, but this year has been different (something for me to investigate). Potential new clients may be distracted by vacations or taking care of the kids during summer break, and they aren’t as naturally inclined to focus on growing their business or tracking their goal progress even though it’s still just as important.

When you are aware of the summer trends of your business and understand the whys behind it, you can use this information to help boost sales if they are lagging. Conversely, if your sales increase in the summer, you can make the most of the reasons behind it to create even more growth and profit.

What do you Need to do to Increase your Summer Sales?

In the example above, I mentioned that summer would tend to be a slower sales season for me if I just let the cards fall where they may. But you know me; I like to take charge. I know that summer can be distracting for many Fabulous Fempreneurs, so I make it a point to rev up my visibility during the summer and to remind business owners that their goals still exist. This is the time for me to book some speaking engagements, network a little more and focus on keeping my blog readers and newsletter subscribers focused in this distracted time.

By understanding the summer trends of my business, I can actively work to skip the slump.

What about you? Is summer your business’s best selling season? If so, figure out why and then take advantage of that trend. Do you sell organic skincare and sun protection? I would bet that your summer sales are great. Start posting reminders on your Facebook page that taking good care of your skin and protecting it can prevent nasty (and dangerous) sun burns or worse. Go a step further and partner with a local business owner who makes high-end or environmentally conscious beach accessories or swimwear and pool your marketing. Or, consider adding something new to your product line that compliments your existing products, like a body scrub line or skincare concierge services . There’s all sorts of things you can do to capitalize on your biggest months to explode your sales.

Take charge of your business by understanding your sales trends all year long so that you can take action to overcome slumps and expand bumps.

If you need help understanding your business’s sales trends, I can help with a one-time laser-focused coaching session or ongoing private business coaching.