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Create Your Business Breakthrough WORKSHOP

June 10 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

business breakthrough workshop for women entrepreneurs


Business Breakthrough

The Fundamental Formula for More Money + Impact + Fun

What it takes to grow your business and build momentum can feel overwhelming…


Join us for: “Create Your Business Breakthrough: The Fundamental Formula for More Money + Impact + Fun”!

This is a virtual workshop for female entrepreneurs already in business, BUT wanting more happiness, more fulfillment, more balance, and more money.

Immediate benefits of attending this workshop…

  • CREATE A BREAKTHROUGH in your business!
  • UNCOVER WHAT’S MISSING or that needs attention in your business to ease frustration, have less stress, and start getting better results easier
  • GET A CLEAR SENSE OF DIRECTION for HOW to grow your business both in the short-term and long-term 
  • HAVE DOABLE, SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS to move you closer to your goals- no more spinning your wheels or guessing!

This is a HANDS-ON workshop where you will:

  • Take our proprietary Fab 4 Sweet Spot Assessment which will highlight top areas for improvement.
  • Create your 90-day Sweet Spot Action Plan to close gaps and address your biggest desires
  • Get much-needed time ON your business and real-time FEEDBACK and masterminding.

ONLY $97.00

Registration Closes Wednesday, April 21st at midnight.

**NOTE: This is a refund-free event. If something comes up after registration and you are not able to attend, we will gladly credit your spot to our next event OR to a friend of your choice!


“I walked away from the workshop with a clear perspective of why I was having such a difficult time creating marketing content for myself. My marketing was lacking my WHY and my HEART- two things I totally forgot about, until I took the Fab 4 Sweet Spot Assessment and attended the Business Breakthrough Workshop. What really brought it home for me was having open group discussions with the other ladies and hearing their different points of view and experiences. I was able to create a clear 90-day Sweet Spot Action Plan to make marketing a priority again and bring more fun and heart into it. I left feeling so much more confident and inspired.
Jessica Cruz-Abalos

Jessica Cruz Designs

I’m so glad I attended the Business Breakthrough Workshop. I’ve done work with Sara before and our time together has always been powerful and eye opening. I had been working on my offerings since switching my model completely to virtual this year. I had a handful of projects I wanted to work on, and was seeking clarity on what I wanted to do next. The workshop allowed me to focus in on what I really wanted my business to look like and who I wanted to be while doing it. It gave me the time to sit with my thoughts, develop some action steps I could take immediately and most of all, it reminded me of my vision during this chaotic time. Going through the Fab 4 Formula helped me to feel more aligned with my why and realize that the how will come when I focus on taking bold, messy and inspired action.
Angela Quisumbing

Angela Grace Events




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