A few days ago I gave a presentation entitled, “3 Steps to Kick Butt and Stay Sane” to a women’s golf team at a local university (my alma mater). Their coach, also a friend of mine, asked me to come and speak with them.

It felt great to connect with these young, aspiring minds. We discussed ways they stay organized with all that they have going on with being a student, athlete and more. They want to do well academically AND make the national championships- both of which require a high level of organization, support and focus.

One of their biggest aha moments during our conversation was about being organized. We talked about ways to organize their time and space, but it was the idea of intentionally managing their daily life that seemed to resonate most with them. They recognized the huge connection between what they do on a daily and weekly basis and their overall goals and dreams for their life.

I think we all need this reminder from time to time. It is something I keep at the forefront of my mind and it takes on new meaning as I have new life experiences and reach goals. The idea of reaching a goal or fulfilling a deep desire or dream by the collection of daily, weekly and monthly efforts is exciting to me! Perhaps I get so excited about this notion because I am an entrepreneur- I highly value that feeling of accomplishment that comes as a direct result of my focused efforts. Nobody gets to tell me, “Well, that was pretty good, but it wasn’t quite a homerun,” or “I’m waiting for you to take a project to the next level” and suck the wind out of my sails upon completion of a goal or project. I create my vision, goals and success criteria. I get to decide if I need to push myself and when and how to take my efforts to the next level and I usually do.

The mere fact that as an entrepreneur I get to see the direct connection between my efforts and results is absolutely motivating to me. It is much more satisfying than “spraying and praying”- doing lots of activities, but not really knowing if they are helping me make progress. I encourage you to evaluate the connection between your current efforts in your life and business with the results you are experiencing. Are you happy with your results? If so, how can you push yourself? If not, decide what you need to continue, stop or start to help you experience the results you want. Ready, set, go!