It’s time to shine in your business again!

Starting and growing a business is a lot of work to say the least, but like many, you started your business because you wanted to pursue a passion and offer your greatest gifts to the world! You wanted to help people or solve a problem, and love what you do for a living. That’s exciting and very fulfilling, but then reality strikes. You find yourself feeling overwhelmed, tired, and lonely, and that success is eluding you. Ugh.

If you have ever felt this way, it’s SO not what you had in mind when you launched your business. Whether your business grew faster than anticipated and now you’re scrambling to manage it, or you’re struggling to build momentum or keep your business alive, before you know it, it’s easy to ask yourself, “what the heck did I get myself into?!”

When you find yourself in this scenario, it makes it hard for you to SHINE- to be your best and make the biggest impact all while making great money. Not shining is the opposite of what you need to be happening to grow a successful business; you want to shine your brightest! Being a fempreneur offers amazing opportunities to feel fulfilled, a great sense of freedom, and financial independence and success. I feel like I’m soaring when I’m shining in my business, and maybe you’ve had chapters or moments in your entrepreneurial journey when you’ve felt that feeling too.

Alternatively, when you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, it often means that your light is not shining its brightest and you’re not making the intended impact you deeply desire. And that naturally impacts the results you get, sucking away the feelings of fulfillment and freedom that you crave.

Well, listen up lady! You are amazing and have so much to offer your target customers. You can shine again and experience the results and fulfillment you crave! Sometimes it simply takes a little examination of what’s actually going on in your business so you can sort through the fog and find your footing to move forward.

That sounds logical, but it’s hard to know what to do and where to start. And, having a go-to framework to periodically assess your business and provide perspective can help big time! To help you get started, I created a business assessment to help you shine again! It’s based on the Fab 4 Framework – the “fab 4” are Head, Heart, Habits and Hub. When you take the assessment you’ll get a score in each of the four areas and see right away where you may be off balance and how to get back into your sweet spot where you shine your brightest.

Don’t stay stuck or overwhelmed.

You’re brilliant and passionate. It’s time to shine again!