There is more to just posting on social media about you business. Entrepreneurs need to have an effective social media game plan to promote who they are and why they started their business. This will allow your audience to grow and increase your probability of converting them into clients. Dana Magnus of the MKGT Brand is a creative brand strategist who helps women entrepreneurs take a look at their current social media strategy and fine tune it to clearly communicate what they want in their business and in the world.

In this episode, Dana shares her tips on the importance of communicating and articulating your mission to successfully drive your social media strategy.


In this episode,we cover:

Tip 1: Organize Your Message in a way that Speaks to your Target Audience to cut the clutter
Ask yourself “Am I being clear in my message to my target audience?” Aligning your mission and what kind of impact you want to make with your audience is key.

Tip 2: Focus on 5 things to help create value-rich content while building warm connections

-5 categories to share with your audience
-Variety and consistency of your messaging has to be clear in what you are saying and what time and how frequently you are saying it.
-Highlight 2-5 things that stand out in your business and weave them into your content strategy.
-Stop forgetting the reason you started your business.
-What are your products and services?
-What makes you different?
-What is your big vision for the whole world?

Tip 3: Stand Out visually with simple “do it yourself” ideas to stay “on-brand” with each post
Have props or wear your brand colors in your photos.


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